February 28, 2024

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Live: City check, does United still have a final attack in store?  |  English Premier League 2021/2022

Live: City check, does United still have a final attack in store? | English Premier League 2021/2022

  1. 45′ – Goal – Bernardo Silva (0-2)
  2. 7′ – Special goal – Eric Bailly (0-1)
  1. 80′ – A unique follower of Donnie van de Beek
  2. 73′ – Verve. Lock Show Door Alex Telles
  3. 67′ – Mason Greenwood continued to Marcus Rashford
  4. 58′ – Yellow – Bernardo Silva
  5. 48′ – Jill – Joao Cancelo

All eyes in England are on Manchester today: United and City are fighting each other for the city’s honor at Old Trafford. Both teams can use three pointers to achieve their title ambitions. Who cares about the spectacle: Ronaldo again or De Bruyne? Watch it live at 1.30pm.

Watch the goals:

  1. The second half, the 82nd minute. Foden misses. It’s been a while, but suddenly City got another chance. De Bruyne sends Foden into the depths, but the best English talent can’t beat De Gea. For now, De Bruyne will remain unhelpful in the Premier League after today. .
  2. Second half, 80th minute. Substitution in Manchester United, Donny van de Beek in, Fred exit
  3. The second half, the 80th minute. There’s Dhoni. To loud cheers from United supporters, Donny van de Beek was allowed to play for another ten minutes. The Dutchman will replace Fred in the midfield. & nbsp; .
  4. The second half, the 76th minute. City squeaks again near De Gea. Cancelo sees his shot saved and Gundogan doesn’t hit anyone in the penalty area, after which De Bruyne tries his shot on a lob. It grazes the skin, making the shot look like nothing. .
  5. The second half, the 73rd minute. Substitution in Manchester United, Alex Telles entered, and Luke Shaw left
  6. The second half, the 73rd minute. Xu, who was in contact with the grass, could not continue. Alex Telles is coming to replace him. There are less than twenty minutes left. .
  7. The second half, the 68th minute. Once again Gundogan can create danger from the left. This time he shot himself, but his shot falls into the side netting. Meanwhile, Rashford came to replace the inconspicuous Greenwood. Could he still force the Red Devils into something? .
  8. The second half, the 67th minute. Substitution in Manchester United, entered Marcus Rashford, and Mason Greenwood left
  9. The second half, the 64th minute. We are past the hour and it seems that United’s fueling has faded again. City has the ball and controls. At United we see Marcus Rashford ready as a substitute. .
  10. The second half, the 59th minute. United looks better than it was before the end of the first half, but the hosts are still waiting for opportunities. Greenwood creates some space for filming, but the opportunistic blast extends far and wide. .
  11. The second half, the 58th minute. Ronaldo shows off with a nice dribbling, but his compatriot Bernardo Silva doesn’t really see the fun in that. The United striker cuts and gets a yellow card under his nose. .
  12. Yellow card for Bernardo Silva, Manchester City player, during the second half, 58th minute
  13. The second half, the 56th minute. Old Trafford applauds Van de Beek. Suddenly things go hand in hand at Old Trafford, when Donny van de Beek comes off the couch to warm up. The Dutchman has played only 5 minutes (!) in the Premier League this season. Does it add to that day? .
  14. The second half, the 54th minute. The city is there for the first time after the break. Gundogan is pressing towards the back line and can still cross to the limit. However, his pass does not find an end point. .
  15. The second half, the 51st minute. United does not want to surrender and seize the ball in the first minutes of the second half. & nbsp; .
  16. Yellow card for Joao Cancelo, Manchester City player, during the second half, minute 48
  17. The second half, minute 48. Greenwood wants to pass Cancelo with a large bridge, after which the Portuguese performs brilliantly. The yellow card is his wages. .
  18. The second half, the 46th minute. Solskjaer intervenes. Everything went wrong at United in the first half, which are enough reasons for coach Solskjaer to change the system. Bailly disappears, causing the home team to return to a four-man defense. Jadon Sancho can try to turn the tide for another 45 minutes. .
  19. The second half, the 46th minute, the match started
  20. Rest, 14 hours 23. Blown comfort. Dominant City leads twice in the first half. Pele’s own goal and Bernardo Silva’s goal made the difference, although De Gea still kept some blue goals outside his cage. Will United still have a reaction at home after the break or can we really count the books? .
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