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LIVE GP Monseré: a leading group of 3 Belgians slightly ahead of the peloton |  GB Monser 2022

LIVE GP Monseré: a leading group of 3 Belgians slightly ahead of the peloton | GB Monser 2022

    1. Ruby GuessBEL
    2. Robert ScottGBR
    3. Thomas JosephBEL
    4. John KnowleGermany
    Leading group

    1. Ruby GuessBEL
    2. Robert ScottGBR
    3. Thomas JosephBEL
    4. John KnowleGermany


While many cheerleaders are warming up in Paris-Nice or Tirreno-Adriatico for the rest of the spring, there are also races in our country. Between Hooglede and Roeselare, the deceased world champion Jean-Pierre Monseré is honored. Follow the match on Sunday on this page.

  1. Gettysburg. Another local lap climb is Gettysburg. The riders climb the 400m with an average of 3.2%. The climb is characterized by gravel, just like Lookhuisstraat. This climb is 7 kilometers from the end in Roeselare. † 12 noon 23.
  2. 12 noon 11. The platoon is approaching. Peloton was able to make up for time in the leading group. The starting group didn’t have a lot of five minutes left. They still have 1’10”. There are still 130 kilometers to go..
  3. 12:00 05. Sweat more. There are also races in France. This is where Paris-Nice begins, you’ll see Wout van Aert in action there from today. Paris-Nice has 8 stages and starts with a flat stage for runners. From 13.10 you can follow the first stage of the stage race via our website. †
  4. Lookhuisstraat. The next ascent follows soon after. The Lookhuisstraat is a 1.2 km ascending cobblestone strip with an average gradient of 1.5% and a maximum of 4.6%. † 12 o’clock .
  5. 11 am 53. Ruidenbergstraat second stanza. The peloton already faced De Ruidenberg early in the race, but now it’s time to get up again. The lead group is still ahead by 4’32”.
  6. 11h 46. The Leading Group of 3 Belgians, a German and a Brit: Thomas Joseph (Minerva Cycling) Robin Gess (Sport Flanders-Palais) Robin Orins (Elvett B/B Home Soulins Sweins) John Knoll (Saris Rovi Sauerland) Robert Scott (WiV SunGod ) & nbsp; †
  7. 11 hours and 42.5 minutes for the lead group. The leading group already has good leadership. The five contestants are five minutes ahead of the peloton. They are now on their way to the Ruidenbergstraat, knowing this climb from the previous round. †
  8. Hoogledeberg. The riders completed the Hoogledeberg for the first time in this race. This short climb is 600 meters long with an average of 2.6%. They will face this slope two more times in this match. Hoogledeberg is not new to the course. † 11:00 41.
  9. 11 am 28. Robbe Ghys in a leading group. After Gitsberg, the group’s lead with Robbe Ghys was able to extend their lead. It works fine with 5 and trying to put off the pack. †
  10. 11 a.m. 24. Riders have completed Gettysburg and are now heading towards Roeselare arrival. There they cross the finish line for the first time and start the next round. †
  11. 11 a.m. 22. Lead a group of 5 by a small margin. Thomas Joseph (Minerva Cycling), Robbie Jess (Sport Flanden-Balois), John Knoll (Saris Ruffy Sauerland), Robert Scott (Way V Sungood) and Robin Oriens (Eleft p/b Home Solution Soenens) have made small progress in the peloton . †
  12. 11 am 13. Gianni Marchand is absent. Gianni Marchand (Tartletto-Iswerks) didn’t start today either. He had the stomach flu last night and it should pass. Tarteletto-Isorex has to deal with one less man. †
  13. 11 am 11. Timothy Dupont is not at GP Monseré due to illness. Look no further than Timothy Dupont today. The Bingoal-Pauwels Sauzen-WB rider did not initially appear due to illness. His teammate Dorian de Maicht is not there either. “Timothy Dupont and Dorian de Maicht both fell ill from Saturday to Sunday. They couldn’t start, so we left them aside,” said sporting director Jean-Denis Vandenbroek. Timothy Dupont was definitely a contender for the win. The sprinter achieved two places in the top ten on the Tour of Valencia.
  14. 11 p. 02. Contenders. Hugo Hofstetter (Arkia Samsik) is the biggest contender today. The French sprinter has already achieved impressive places on the podium at Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne and at Le Samyn. He’s hoping to book his first win of the season here today. Alpecin-Fenix ​​is ​​based on Dries De Bondt and Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl on Jannik Steimle and Bert Van Lerberghe, among others. Florian Vermeersch, Jasper de Boist and Arnaud de Lee of Lotto Soudal can also be dangerous. Such riders can avoid a fast group sprint. & nbsp; †
  15. 10 am 47. Weather conditions. The sun may be shining, but the temperature initially in Hooglede was about 3 degrees Celsius. The riders are currently riding around well dressed. Soon this is no longer necessary because the sun continues to shine well and the temperature rises. †
  16. 10 a.m. 40. Last year: associated with force majeure. Last year 9 riders including Stan van Tricht escaped early in the race. They got a 3’30-inch free-to-play peloton, but with the suit, the sprinter teams took control. Control was maintained. After a few attacks in the lead group and later an attack by Amaury Capiot, it all came back together and the red carpet was rolled out for the runners. Eyes were on Mark Cavendish and Tim Merler. In the end, it was Merlier who won the sprint with force majeure and won the GP Monseré. †
  17. Rodenberg. Ruidenberg is the first climb of the day. Riders will climb one kilometer with an average slope of 2.1% and a maximum slope of 5.4%. This climb peloton will face a total of 4 times in this race. † 10 hours 34.
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