April 16, 2024

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LIVE: Standard then pressure increases after a weak hour of gameplay |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

LIVE: Standard then pressure increases after a weak hour of gameplay | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 16′ – Yellow – Philip Zinkernagel
  2. 5′ – Yellow – Alessandro Cerani
  1. 67′ – Follow by Lacy Vision Christensen written by Ravi Tsuka Dozi
  2. 67′ – Follow Zinho Gano by Shinonso Ofor

Sölte Waregem has seen a rebound with 6 out of 6, but it’s still the last after last week’s 2-1 defeat against Ostend. Standard visiting today, the team from Liege is sixth and last week – along with RSCA fans – they decided the fate of Phyllis Matsu. It will be a special duel for Mbaye Leye. Follow the match here. Departure at 4 pm.

  1. The second half, the 69th minute. Then another action that makes us stand up. Breca deflects a powerful cross from Donum towards goal, as Posten maintains 0 with a strong save. .
  2. The second half, the 68th minute. Zinho Gano was unable to leave his mark on his first position this season. The attacker must give up his seat to Offor. The match also ended with Vigen. The Dane was replaced by Tsouka. .
  3. Second half, 67th minute. Substitution in Zolt Wargem, Ravi Tsuka Dozi inside, Lacy Vision Christensen outside
  4. The second half, the 67th minute. Substitution in Zolt Wargem, Chenonceau Ofur inside, Zinho Gano outside
  5. The second half, the 62nd minute. Although there is more space than before the end of the first half, the accuracy is still lacking at the moment to combine several playing opportunities. Zinckernagel tried again with a long shot, but saw his attempt fly over Posten’s bar. .
  6. The second half, the 61st minute.
  7. The second half, the 59th minute. It remains a match full of many duels and hard work in the midfield. Who can break open the game with a moment of brilliance? .
  8. The second half, the 54th minute. There are still more initiatives on both sides. Vossen sends a nice pass to Vadera, but the cross from the wing simply ends up in Bodart’s hands. .
  9. The second half, the 51st minute. Brica on Posten. Standard also quickly gets a great opportunity. Brika cleverly sneaks up on Tampidou’s back, but he can’t give enough strength to see him make Postin really work. .
  10. Second half, 48th minute.
  11. Second half, minute 48. Bodart saves the furniture for the standard. Another great opportunity for the local side. Zinckernagel slides sadly, after which he sends Sissako Gano towards Bodart with a fine pass. The attacker tries to push the ball under the goalkeeper but does not succeed in doing so. Zulte Waregem refuses to reward himself. .
  12. The second half, the 46th minute. The second half. At the start of the second half, Ronnie Della immediately brings two new names between the lines. Canak and Perica have to bring more grinta to Rouches, Dragos and Alzate in the locker room. .
  13. The second half, the 46th minute, the match started
  14. First half, 16 hours 49. Substitution in Standard, Step Breca in, Dennis Dragos out
  15. First half, 16.49. Substitution at Standard, Cihan Kanak inside, Stephen Zatia
  16. Rest, 4 p.m. 49. Rest. No goals in this first half, although they certainly weren’t. The owners of the land dominated and lost a hundred percent chance on two occasions. Standard played a poor match on the carpet, but immediately scratched his hair after a Baliquicha foul. & nbsp; .
  17. The first half, the 48th minute, the game is over
  18. First half, 45th minute. Also Baliquicha with a big miss! With a break at halftime, Zolt Vargem narrowed the difference. Postin pushes the ball of Dragos to the foot of Baliquicha, who pushes the ball from close range. Another great opportunity. .
  19. The first half, the 39th minute. Then Standard sticks his nose in the window again. A quick mix on the right gives Balikwisha some space in the sixteenth. The striker tries to bring the ball in front of the goal, but only hands it to Postin. .
  20. First half, minute 37.
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