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LIVE: Storm gives KV Mechelen the lead against the match track |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

LIVE: Storm gives KV Mechelen the lead against the match track | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 34′ – Jill – Jackson Chachua
  2. 20′ – Goal – Nicola Storm (0-1)

Charleroi and Kee take place in Mechelen in the middle of the standings after the start of a mixed competition. The home team lost to the national champions last game day, Franken’s team took the scalp out of OHL. Who is working their way up? You can read all about it from 9pm.

  1. The first half, the 40th minute. Charleroi also comes with a shot on goal. Hawthorn tries from the edge of the sixteen, but ends up shooting very centrally. No problems for Coucke. .
  2. The first half, minute 37. Jet line. Gouet gets a lot of space in midfield and then decides to play from distance. An opportunistic attempt, but the Cameroonian’s attempt has little to do with it. .
  3. First half, minute 36. Cuypers on the shoe. Quirres takes a great pass every time, but sees his rocket tackle Kofi. Referee Van Dam eventually whistled for offside, but the Belgian striker’s attempt is certainly present. .
  4. The first half, 35 minutes. After a difficult tackle on the storm, Chachoa was thrown under his nose. Then the free kick from the same storm is too low to cause any danger. .
  5. Yellow card for Jackson Chachoa from Charleroi during the first half, minute 34
  6. First half, minute 33. FaithHaritra is very selfless. After a fine penetration by Ilaimaharitra, the ball returns to captain Charleroi after a few stops. The midfielder can prepare to shoot, but he chooses a cross towards the second post. The ball eventually rolls over the back line. .
  7. The first half, minute 31. The storm advances again on the left flank, then chooses an early cross for Kuipers. In the end, the Belgian striker was unable to reach the ball due to a fine intervention from Van Clémputt. .
  8. First half, minute 29. Zarouri leaves Baker behind like a training cone and then tries to find a teammate at sixteen. However, the pass of the young Belgian is very inaccurate to continue his smart work. .
  9. The first half, the 27th minute. Mechelen is full of confidence. KV Mechelen clearly benefited from 0-1. The visitors are playing with more confidence since Storm’s opening goal and keep Charleroi well away from their 16th goal. .
  10. First half, minute 25. Charleroi has to recover from the back and try to keep the ball in the team. Does Carlos turn their backs after the goal? .
  11. A goal during the first half, the 20th minute from Nicola Storm of KV Michelin. 0, 1.
  12. The first half, minute 2. 0-1, the storm! Despite the home team’s dominance, it is Micklin who takes the lead. After a cunning pass from Cuypers, Storm could get close to Koffi. The attacker does not hesitate and simply pushes at 0-1. Charleroi must chase. .
  13. The first half, minute 19. After the intense opening stage, the tempo decreased slightly in this match. KV Mechelen tries to keep the ball in the team a little longer and steadily restores balance to Mambourg. .
  14. First half, minute 19.
  15. The first half, minute 16. Chachoa rushes to the back line, but fails again to pass a corner. Fifth already for the home team. .
  16. First half, minute 13. Storm meets Kofi. KV Mechelen also puts his nose in the window. Storm cuts off from the left, then shoots Kofi. The wing’s shot is fairly central so it doesn’t put the goalkeeper on the line. .
  17. The first half, the 11th minute. A new corner kick from Morioka lands on Van Clemente’s head. The Belgian defender appears to be headed into the 1-0 lead, but sees his attempt over the wrong side of the post. & nbsp; .
  18. The first half, the 10th minute. After 10 minutes of play, Charloé has already earned his third corner. The home team is emphatically looking for an early opening target. .
  19. The first half, the 8th minute. The savage Baker ended. The match goes up and down in the opening stage. A pass from Walsh goes off to Bijker, who takes the ball on the shoe in no time. The Dutchman’s attempt to cross Kofi’s goal in the end. .
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