May 21, 2024

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LIVE: Strong Five with Iserbyt and Aerts vie for victory at Merksplas |  Super Prestige 2021

LIVE: Strong Five with Iserbyt and Aerts vie for victory at Merksplas | Super Prestige 2021

    1. Eli Esserbet (cute – good)
    Leading group

    1. Eli Esserbet (cute – good)
    1. Quentin Hermanns (cute – good)
    2. Lauren Swick (cute – good)
    3. show arts (cute – good)
    chasers 1

    1. Quentin Hermanns (cute – good)
    2. Lauren Swick (cute – good)
    3. show arts (cute – good)
    1. Lars van der Haar (Ned)
    Chasers 2

    1. Lars van der Haar (Ned)


Merksplas is the site of the fourth round of the Superprestige. Michael Vanthourenhout will not in any case follow himself, he has a cold. Watch the match live on this page from 3pm.

  1. The last round. We are ready for the final round, but there is no answer to the question of who will win at Merksplas. Iserbyt has a hole, but not more than 3 seconds. Apparently Artes on his gums, must have come from Hermanns. & nbsp; . 15 hours 57.
  2. 15 hours 54. The adrenaline pumps up Esserbit’s body after his fall and builds a small gorge. Artes must respond and demand Hermann’s takeover. .
  3. 15 hours 53. Eserbet has some knee pain, that picture was there before he fell. Once again we have four in front. & nbsp; .
  4. Esserbit down. Eli Eserbet put enormous pressure on Tun Airs, but he suddenly crashed into an innocent corner. Hermans is back, too. & nbsp; . 15 hours 53.
  5. 15 hours 51. The penultimate round. 1. Eli Iserbyt 2. Toon Aerts 3. Laurens Sweeck 5″ 4. Quinten Hermans 5″ 5. Lars van der Haar 10″.
  6. 15 hours 49. Go eserbet. Eli Iserbyt thinks his moment has come, Toon Aerts has to respond again and do so without grumbling. Quentin Hermanns puts himself away in fourth place. & nbsp; .
  7. 15 Q45. What a fun fencing game. As in the previous round, Swick attacked in the same place. Hermans and Isrbet follow closely. .
  8. 15 hours and 43. Van Kessel continues to fight bravely, and the gap is not so great on the leaders. He’ll have to pause for a while if the Torman cross player still wants to join in. & nbsp; .
  9. 15h 43. Hermans solves it himself and brings back Iserbet and van der Haar. Status quo, but very exciting. .
  10. 3 p.m. 41. Hermans is in trouble again. Once again, Hermann makes a foul in the hill area, and Isrbet and Van der Haar are also stopped. Sweeck and Aerts receive a small piercing as a gift. .
  11. 15 hours 39. Stop at the arrivals area and then step onto the pedals. Arts, Hermanns, and van der Haar know they shouldn’t give him too much space. .
  12. 15 at 36. Hermanns attack. Quentin Hermans is looking forward to it and skips Esprit. Who will be the first to build a chasm? .
  13. Located. The camp is going down sharply. Too bad for Bowles’ talent Susan-Bingual, he drove the first two very strong runs. & nbsp; . 15 hours 35.
  14. 15 hours 33. Iserbyt feels that things can go a little faster and give when entering the jetje field. The five leaders are equally matched. & nbsp; .
  15. 3:30 p.m. in the middle of the road. We’re halfway there. Van der Haar is back in the arrivals area and there are 5 of us in front. .
  16. 15 h 32. Van der Haar sees how to meet again in the front and get a little closer. Can the European champion still play a role? & nbsp; .
  17. 3:30 p.m. Alert. If someone tries to get away, Laurens Sweeck is always there. Eli Eserbet also looks pretty strong. It should be Hermann and Erts to fend off the Bowles Susan-Pengual men today. & nbsp; .
  18. 15 hours 26. Calm falls a bit in the arrivals area and Quinten Hermans can climb again in front. Van der Haar, along with Van Kessel and Kamp, tries to keep the gap small. .
  19. 15 hours 25. Iserbyt reacts as if he is stung by a wasp and does not feel as if he is driving a full cross in a smash. It hurts Hermann a lot and comes back right after he sands it. & nbsp; .
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