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LIVE Vuelta: 3 refugees with limited progress, will they be taking off soon with Merlier?  |  Vuelta a Espana 2022

LIVE Vuelta: 3 refugees with limited progress, will they be taking off soon with Merlier? | Vuelta a Espana 2022

Vuelta a España: Stage 13

road racing road racingSunny 27Celsiusdistance: after 168.4 how much
your location 13:37: Ronda – 17:30: Montella

Until now122 km

    1. Juan Bo (Spa)
    2. Other Okamika (Spa)
    3. Julius van den Berg (M)
    Leading grouparrow circle

    1. Juan Bo (Spa)
    2. Other Okamika (Spa)
    3. Julius van den Berg (M)


Before the Vuelta Loton has a very rough weekend in Andalusia, the ratings periods get another quiet day (on paper). The runners seem to be hopping back on stage 13 toward Montella, but the final kilometer downhill isn’t for the cat at all. Will it finally be a prize for Tim Merler? Follow it here.

  1. 3’04”. The defected player advanced over 3 minutes for the first time. Although the pre-gift would not worry the peloton. They have everything under control.. 14 hours and 30.
  2. 2 pm 27. Fourth lucky time? It’s not a Tim Merler Vuelta just yet. The Belgian champion has been short on the past three races, although there was always something wrong with his race preparation. & nbsp; 3rd, 6th, 3rd: This is Merler’s little equilibrium. Will it add 1 to that day? .
  3. 2 PM 21. What do you think of Ayusu’s situation? full of dangers. I’ll stand well away from him at first. Remko Evenpoel.
  4. 2 p.m. 13. Exactly one year ago, the Queen stage of the 2021 season was completed at the Vuelta. Then it was Miguel Angel Lopez who conquered the mountains as fast as he could. Take a look at the pictures below. .
  5. 14 hours 13.
  6. 14 hours 04. Are you riding in the fold already? Van den Berg and his Spaniards falter in a 2’40” lead. Trek, Cofidis and EF retain control on behalf of the peloton.
  7. 13:53. Trek-Segafredo gets help. Trek will be joined by Bike-Exchange and Cofidis in the peloton. It’s also clear that Kaden Groves and Bryan Coquard feel compelled to take a shot at winning the stage. The trio is now up front by 2’36”.
  8. 13 hours 51. The three fugitives aren’t ready for their Vuelta test. Van den Berg and Okameko have already picked the break in Stages 3 and 4. Joanne Poe was also present in Stage 3. .
  9. Time 13:47. Trek-Segafredo reports to the outposts of the pack. With Mads Pedersen, of course, they have a dangerous client with the goal of achieving victory in the ranks. .
  10. 13 hours 42. The three adventurers immediately made a spin together with a good one-minute difference. Will they still have company or will Peloton not give up yet? .
  11. 13 hours 40. Immediately attempt an attack by 3 passengers. It’s about Ander Okamika (Burgos), Joan Bou (Euskalte) and the first to wear this Vuelta mountain jersey: Julius van den Berg (EF). & nbsp; .
  12. Match started 13h37
  13. 13 h 20. Evenbol: “Slept well and recovered well.”

    Evenepoel: “Slept well and recovered well”

  14. 1 p.m. 09. Willems, Alpecin captain: “We let the classification teams do something for us in the previous race.”

    Willems, Alpecin captain: “We allowed ourselves to be influenced by the classification teams in the previous race”

  15. It’s 13:00. Hendricks, Bora captain: “It’s a ride that Danny van Poppel loves.”

    Bora captain Hendricks: ‘It’s a journey that Danny van Poppel loves’

  16. 13h 06. Finishing is a little more difficult than other sprint stages. It will be a matter of getting good legs and sitting well in the front. Tim Merler.

ride Date Riding type Beginning of the End the total winner leader
1 Trial time team Utrecht – Utrecht 23.3 km TJV Director Office
2 road racing ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Utrecht 175.1 km Bennett Teunissen
3 road racing Breda – Breda 193.2 km Bennett convergence
4 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Vitoria-Justice – LaGuardia 152.5 km brave brave
5 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Irun – Bilbao 187.2 km Soller Mallard
6 road racingmountain stage Bilbao – Pico Jano 181.2 km vine Evenbol
7 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Camargo – Cisterna 190 km hirada Evenbol
8 road racingmountain stage Collau Fancuaya 153.4 km vine Evenbol
9 road racingmountain stage Villaviciosa – Les Prires 171.4 km Mintjes Evenbol
10 Single time trial Elche – Alicante 30.9 km Evenbol Evenbol
11 road racing Alama de Murcia – Cabo de Gata 191.2 km groves Evenbol
12 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Salobrina – Peñas Blancas 192.7 km carabaz Evenbol
13 road racing Ronda – Montella 168.4 km Until now 122.51 how much
14 road racingmountain stage Montoro – Sierra de la Bandera 160.3 km
15th road racingmountain stage Martos – Sierra Nevada 149.6 km
16 road racing Sanlucar de Barrameda – Tomaris 189.4 km
17 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Aracena – Monasterio de Tentudia 162.3 km
18 road racingmountain stage Trujillo – Alto de Purnal 192 km
19 road racingmountain stage Talavera de la Reina – Talavera de la Reina 138.3 km
20 road racingmountain stage Moralzarzal – Puerto de Navacerrada 181 km
21 road racing Las Rozas Madrid – Madrid 96.7 km
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