April 23, 2024

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Liz Truss Visits America: 'Flirting With Far Right'

Liz Truss Visits America: 'Flirting With Far Right'

InternationalFeb 26 '24 at 12:55Author of the book: Lotte Van Gooverden

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been asked to oust his predecessor, Liz Truss. The shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history has toured the United States. There he not only praises Donald Trump, but also shares the stage with controversial politicians such as Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon. A joke, some say. Besides, it goes against the usual etiquette that ex-Prime Ministers are expected to behave in a condescending manner.

Liz Truss Visits America: 'Flirting With Far Right'

Truss was one of the keynote speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference. CPAC is considered the largest annual gathering of conservatives in America, but in recent years has embraced the nativist-populism of Donald Trump. “I'm not saying I'm perfect or that I've done everything right,” Truss said. “It doesn't make much difference.”

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Sitting next to climate deniers, conspiracy theorists and speakers calling for the overthrow of the democratic system, Truss said he knew who had destroyed his 49-day tenure as British prime minister. 'I wanted to cut taxes, cut executive government and take back control that people talked about in the Brexit vote. But the UK economic establishment wanted to keep things as they were. They did too.'

'Deep Level'

In addition, Truss called himself a populist who took the equivalent of the American 'deep state' in his own country. trans activists who infiltrated The Financial Times, The Economist, the Bank of England and the Civil Service; They are 'deep state'. According to the former prime minister, these are the companies that frustrated his radical budget two years ago and thus his premiership.

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The Truce blames everyone but its own principles

UK Correspondent Leah Van Begoven

“He blames everyone but his own principles,” says UK reporter Leah van Beghoven. But according to critics in London, at that time there was only one hand grenade in the public purse. 'She did. She cut taxes without telling where the money would come from. She helped the rich people regardless of others.'

Very well

Perhaps other heads of government, who met their decision more publicly, tended to keep a lower profile for some years, but not Truss. “His plan is to pull British conservatives to the extreme right, as Trump did with the Republican Party,” says van Begoven.

The former prime minister said agents of the 'left' were operating in the 'administrative state' and the 'deep state'. “Conservatives are now operating in a hostile environment. They need a bigger bazooka to fight the Left,” he said. And, according to Truss, Western civilization will perish, 'if the left doesn't deal with it.'

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If Truss is still looking for weapons to defeat a political foe, some in his party are ready. “I think she has very valid ideas; what she's trying to achieve is what we need to get back to.

Tory leadership

Truss is not the only Conservative politician warming to the Tory leadership if Britain's governing party loses an election later this year. “On the other hand, he has a very destructive record,” says van Begoven. A political experience that wants to be re-enacted without many changes.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Truss said he knew who had destroyed his 49-day stint as British prime minister. (ANP/AFP)