May 28, 2024

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Lochristi’s green lung gets air: this will be the central park from the end of 2024 (Lochristi)

Lochristi’s green lung gets air: this will be the central park from the end of 2024 (Lochristi)

First color master plan diagram© Bureau Davy Van Laere


From the end of 2024, the landscape of Lochristi village will change radically. Not with high-rise buildings this time, but with the creation of a green area from the war memorial in front of Sint-Niklaaskerk to the neighborhood square in Kerkwegelakker, over the entire depth of the Dekenijstraat. “It’s not a residential garden to spend half a day in, but a transient garden,” says landscape architect Davey Van Laer.

Occupancy in central Lochristi has increased significantly, so there is also a need for more green spaces and experience. It is no longer in slices like it is now, with a space next to the church, a garden behind the church, a covered garden, an old cemetery and the neighborhood square. The borders between all of those areas are literally open horizons –Unobstructed view – becomes important.

Canopy and toilet

Highlights at a glance: The pavement at the height of the war memorial is fading, and “no man’s land” has disappeared. Along the N70, there may be a Hoppin’ Point, a sort of transportation hub with bicycle parking facilities, among other things. A green area is being developed in the existing garden behind the church, possibly with a low platform and some sort of awning or booth, which could provide shelter but which could also be used for small occasions. There will also be a public toilet.

The concrete wall separating it from the deanery will disappear by more than half. The dean’s house will of course be demolished, and the pretty garden (now Lodejardin in summer, sorry for the terrible mess that now spreads there) will become a cool place with its many trees and pond there.

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Rest area and water park

After that, the old cemetery became a resting area, mainly with walking paths and trees. Of course the existing graves with privilege will continue to exist. The concrete slabs of the back houses will also disappear, so residents can enjoy a view of the spacious new park. This will be extended to Kerkwegakker’s playing area. It’s not yet clear how many parking spaces will be lost – at the moment there are about ninety -, although this was a concern for residents who looked at the “talking plan” in three groups on Saturday afternoon. The border between the (current) park and the Dekenijstraat will disappear – vista You know – and it becomes a water park with decay, towards the police station. Dekenijstraat may also become a bike street.

There are still a number of things that need to be clarified, such as if there is a soccer field or another dog walking area (next to Hijfte). A Finnish or additional ramp next to the Bosdreef is also possible. The environment has also become important, for example, rainwater will be collected from the church building, which now completely disappears into the sewers.

© Bureau Davy Van Laere

In the coming months, you will be treated to many tips, sighs, and comments from residents, among others. By the end of summer, the current master plan should be completed.

The march photos below focus on a number of initial interventions.

No man’s land will become a meeting area with access to the park©ghl

A canopy or kiosk is an option in the existing garden©ghl

Most of the wall with the blanket is gone because of Vista.©ghl

Narrow footpath and narrow parking space become a water park integrated into the park. The building disappears©ghl

This beautiful tree…will be protected to the hilt©ghl

The covered garden becomes a cool place in the summer with the pond©ghl

The old cemetery has become a rest area with walking paths and many additional trees©ghl

There too, the closure would be lost with the new homes behind it in order to increase the width of the park©ghl

Hermann changed

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