June 24, 2024

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Logitech G unveils a light and durable wireless gaming headset with braille indicators

Logitech G unveils a light and durable wireless gaming headset with braille indicators

Logitech G today set a new standard for sustainability with the announcement of Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming HeadsetA new and above all ultra-light wireless headset designed for modern gamers.

The headphones – in three new color combinations – are Logitech G’s lightest and lightest wireless headphones. Each one costs €79.99.

G435: Durable and lighter

Logitech G CEO, Ujesh Desai, announced the news. Manufacturers have reduced the weight and added modern features including beamforming microphones and dual wireless modes. Also, Desai says that Logitech G has managed to make this the most durable wireless headphone to date. “The result of our efforts is a headset designed specifically for modern gamers,” said Desai. “It is versatile, stylish, extremely comfortable, and ready for high-performance gaming sessions.”

The G435 weighs only 165 grams. The headphone design has been optimized for smaller head sizes. In addition, the headset has an optional volume limiter.

color combinations

The new G435 wireless gaming headset is available in three color combinations: black and neon yellow, blue and raspberry, and off-white and lilac, allowing gamers to choose a headset that reflects their personal style and personality. There are also left and right on the headset braille indicators Added, to make it easier for visually impaired people to know which side they are on.

Kleurencombinatie: black and neon yellow
Color combination: blue and raspberry
Kleurencombinatie: Off white and lilac

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A friend of the environment

The headset is CarbonNeutral certified, which means that Logitech G funds high-quality certified carbon offsets to reduce the product’s carbon footprint to zero. Additionally, the plastic components are made with at least 22 percent recycled content and the paper packaging comes from FSC-certified forests.

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The headset can be connected wirelessly to a computer, PlayStation, smartphone, and other devices. LIGHTSPEED Wireless connects to your PC or PlayStation via a 2.4GHz USB-A adapter. The G435 also offers Bluetooth Low Delay technology for pairing with mobile devices, which should significantly increase speed over standard Bluetooth connections.

40mm drivers promise rich, immersive sound, while dual-configuration mics make the mic boom unnecessary. Radial-forming microphones amplify sound while reducing background noise. This way the user appears to be in the same room with their friends (playing side by side).