March 2, 2024

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Lommel – Low-stimulation space “Papillon” in Hovisaville

Lommel – Low-stimulation space “Papillon” in Hovisaville

By the Ministry Bream Today the new brand was installed at the Hoevezavel Residential Care Centre Low stimulation spaceBabylon A space has been opened where residents with psychological impairment can relax, with music, pictures and light.
Like most residential care centres, Hovisaville is also facing a growing demand for care options Elderly people who suffer from psychological weakness, who are housed in the De Priem section. Liselotte Galicia, Head of the De Brem Department, together with her team members, has expanded the De Brem Department into a Department of Expertise for People with Psychological Vulnerability, which is unique in the world of residential care centres. All people in the team have consciously chosen to work at De Priem. Over the years, they have learned to treat these special residents in a very caring, warm and understanding way and to never judge them, despite the sometimes difficult situations they face. Day by day, step by step, they learned to adapt to the population, not to impose anything on them, and to do everything as they pleased. “Because what was impossible is here.”quoted Bjorn WillemsDirector of Lommel Care Group, singer Camille Slim.
The team’s accumulated experience has shown that the infrastructure is not fully adapted to a population with poor understanding of behaviour. Both over- and under-stimulation, including boredom, can lead to misunderstood behavior. To calm over-stimulated residents, they developed a low-stimulation space, from which they took inspiration from facilities for people with disabilities. After that, the art department worked hard to save space. The low-stimulus space actually came from the bottom up, from the De Priem team.
The space name was coined by Eli Pennemans. Her father has been living in De Priem for just over a year. Ellie learned to enjoy being together and leave her worries to the residential care centre. And I got to see the residents being respected and not being miserable if the cup didn’t want to go. She experiences every day that there is stability in Di Prim. The name was inspired by the butterfly-like flower of the broom bush. The broom bush is also a butterfly bush. All the residents are beautiful and unique, but they all undergo a very difficult metamorphosis, just as a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. Very beautiful images that led to the beautiful name “papillon”. resident nutty He had the honor of cutting the ribbon and officially opening the venue.
But the beautiful story of the further development of the department is not over yet. Because work on one will start in April Dementia friendly gardenso that residents also have a nice place to walk and stay outside.
(Photos by Robert Bones)

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