June 9, 2023

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look. A security problem at Schiphol Airport? The former employee explains how he still got in: ‘I could have pulled all the plugs out of the plane’ | outside

Dutch airport Schiphol seems to have a security problem. This emerged from a study conducted by Sven van der Meulen for the YouTube channel “Vrije Vogels”. With an access pass, a former employee with a hidden camera easily passed security checks.

The investigation began a year ago, when Sven van der Meulen from “Vrije Vogels” received an anonymous tip: As a former employee, you can go to Schiphol. He then recited tip after tip and sent him company clothes and a card. In the end, nine anonymous former employees contributed to his story. “Our whistleblower worked for a short time in Schiphol, but his clothes and cards are still in his possession,” says Van der Meulen. “Employees who leave, in many cases, simply keep the card, and oddly enough it stays on as well.”

Van der Meulen called Schiphol’s communications department several times to have a conversation, but according to him, they didn’t want to answer.

Watch the full Free Birds report below:

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