February 27, 2024

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look.  Max Verstappen comforts his daughter Penelope (4), who boycotted the soccer match while crying |  Formula 1

look. Max Verstappen comforts his daughter Penelope (4), who boycotted the soccer match while crying | Formula 1

Nice pictures at Max Verstappen’s house (26). The three-time Formula 1 world champion was playing an online soccer game when his daughter Penelope, 4, collapsed into his arms, crying. She didn’t want to shower and wanted to stay with Maxie. Thousands of fans watched this moment live. “We get along very well,” Verstappen said of their relationship.

look. Max Verstappen comforts his daughter Penelope (4)

It doesn’t always have to be Formula 1. Max Verstappen had a relaxing moment at his home in Monaco when he played a football match online. The match was also broadcast on the popular live streaming service Twitch. And thanks to a camera focusing on the three-time champion, fans got a sneak peek.

Well: Fans also got to see a touching and adorable moment. Because suddenly his 4-year-old daughter appeared on the screen. Penelope did not want to bathe and preferred to stay with her stepfather.


“Oh, someone’s sad here,” Verstappen said during the match to his digital teammates, competitors and thousands of fans watching the match live. But it seemed that the girl did not want to take a shower. “I don’t want to shower,” she cried, crying. As the match continued, Verstappen tried to console her. “P, you need to shower. Then you can come back,” he tried. “No, I don’t want to. “Maxi,” Penelope said, “I want to stay with you.” Verstappen laughed: “It’s chaos here. chaos.”

Max Verstappen and his granddaughter Penelope. © Twitch/Max Verstappen

Looks like Penelope finally took a shower. “It’s absolutely fine,” Verstappen reassured viewers. The clip appeared on a fan account about Verstappen on TikTok, where it has now been viewed more than four million times. Pictures showing how dominant Verstappen races in an F1 car no longer scare anyone. But many of the Dutchman’s fans could not often see such tender moments in the family circle.

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Although it was not the first time that the girl “disrupted” Max’s stream. Earlier, Verstappen was driving intently with his race simulator, when Penelope came up to hug her. She didn’t have the chance to do so at first, but when Verstappen had a break, she gave him some kisses on the head. “So sweet,” it sounded then.

Happy family life

Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet had Penelope with a former colleague: former Formula 1 driver Daniil Kvyat (29). Verstappen has built a good relationship with the girl in recent years. He attributes his success in part to his happy family life, as he has mentioned several times in interviews. “I’m not the father, and that’s not the point,” he said recently. “It’s always very important that she has a good relationship with her father, and she’s got that.” He hints that Verstappen spends more time with the girl than with her father. “I see her every day when I’m home. We get along very well. She’s very nice.”

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Max Verstappen and his granddaughter Penelope.
Max Verstappen and his granddaughter Penelope. © Twitch/Max Verstappen