February 27, 2024

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look.  Smoking in a car full of fireworks is wrong: 'Immediately there was a big boom' |  outside

look. Smoking in a car full of fireworks is wrong: 'Immediately there was a big boom' | outside

It'll happen to you: You have a bunch of fireworks in the back of your car, and the whole thing catches fire. It happened to Dutchman Gerben on Friday afternoon. The twenty-year-old from Neufluisen returned home from Germany with a friend, until things went seriously wrong due to an unfortunate cigarette throw. “Then there was a big boom all at once.”

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Pictures of a burning car fire in the Netherlands don't leave much to the imagination. The video is spreading like wildfire on social media. How could it come to this? “We were smoking in the car. Then we threw one com. shekkie “He went out the window, but then got back into the car,” Gerben tells our Dutch colleagues from De Stentor. (The young man's family name is known to the editors.)

Back through the window

The cigarette, which immediately fluttered in the window, unfortunately coincided with the husband's serious load. “We had some fireworks in the car, yeah,” Gerbin said. He finds it difficult to determine the exact amount. But it was “worth hundreds of euros.”

Fireworks were launched from the car from all sides. © Private photo

Once the fire starts, there's no stopping it. A passerby tried to help the two people in their twenties with a fire extinguisher. In vain, says the Dutchman The next day. “It wasn't safe enough to get close to that car.”

Burns on the legs

Gerben eventually suffered burns to his legs. He had to be examined in hospital and is now walking around on crutches. But it could have been much worse… and the car could no longer be saved, as was shown when the fire brigade was able to extinguish the fire after a while.

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There wasn't much left of the car.
There wasn't much left of the car. © Meter Press Agency


“There's a rumor going around that the cigarette was expressed through a fireworks arrow,” says Gerben, a rumor he certainly wants to debunk. “None of this is true.”

It's a shame on the car, he explains coldly. “It's a shame that smoke is coming out of the car. But for the rest: you're standing there and you can't do anything about it.” The Dutchman is particularly relieved that everything went well for him and his friend. “You can worry, but it's no use So. We did a good job. “That car, there will be a new car,” Gerben says resignedly. “It's a shame it wasn't dark,” he says. “Then you could see something of it.”

Private view
© Private photo