April 16, 2024

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Macro Store closed after 'disturbing news' on acquisition |  Machelen

Macro Store closed after ‘disturbing news’ on acquisition | Machelen

Those planning to shop at Macro supermarket in Machelen on Saturday may look for other plans, as angry workers and union members were denied access to the store, car and restaurant. “This is the result of the news regarding the imminent acquisition of Macro and Metro by Bronze Properties and GA Europe,” says Johan van Loon of ACV-Puls. “The latter in particular is a cause for concern, as GA Europe is notorious for shutting down smaller, unprofitable portions. Metro branches, food industry wholesalers, are not immediately in sight, as are indoor cars. Both are still profitable, but the supermarket is much less. And so there is a fear that stores will have to close in the long run, with many layoffs as a result.”

To express their displeasure, workers and unions decided to close the shop on Saturday. “Of the 90 employees who had to work today, only two or three showed up,” Van Loon said. “This indicates that it is high among the employees.”

Store doors in Machelen, where 210 people work, will also remain closed on Monday. This was planned for some time in the context of the National Strike Day.

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