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Macron and Pegasus, President may have spied –

The cell phone of French President Emmanuel Macron, along with 14 other world leaders, is on the list of 50,000 phone numbers of spy targets of many world governments.

French President Emmanuel Macron It is unknown at this time what he meant by “Pegasus” software developed by the Israeli company NSO. The first name of the head of state who appears In the list of more than fifty thousand selected from a dozen countries (Most active are Mexico and Morocco, but Hungary is part of the European Union) For many years the Israeli program was not limited to listening to conversations Keep all data (Contacts, Emails, WhatsApp and Telegram News, Photos, Bank Details) Their goals.

If the facts are confirmed, they will obviously be very serious. We will shed all light on these press releases, a source in Elysee said. Voluntary charity since Monday evening Prohibited stories Co-publishes with sixteen international media outlets Results of a lengthy investigation into the use Software PegasusIt is in principle sold to countries as part of the fight against terrorism, but in practice it is used for purposes beyond what has been declared. Has been released in addition to Macron’s name All or most of the French government in 2019, Starting with the then Prime Minister Edward Philip and his wife. Morocco confirmed that Macron had tried to spy on his ministers and a total of a thousand French citizens. It is not certain whether he won, but it is possible: Former Environmental Change Minister Franois de Ragi also agreed to donate his iPhone to Amnesty International’s security lab (collaborating with banned stories), and it was revealed The Moroccan services really succeeded togetherCopy all his data without him noticing.

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There have been no official reactions on the part of Morocco, and it is not clear what caused this intense spy operation against the Allies. But in addition to economic reasons, there was also the desire to steal information about Algeria, while at the same time having a close and painful relationship with France, and it is reasonable to think that Morocco was also a historical rival in North Africa. . Rafat’s target number is the French ambassador to Algiers, Xavier Traincord.In March 2019, precisely during the Moroccan spy days, Macron was summoned back to Paris by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to inform him of Algeria’s serious crisis. The espionage scandal involves the responsibility of one of its victims because Emmanuel Macron’s iPhone number had already escaped from the required secret between the two rounds of the 2017 presidential election, when his favorite was spied on by hackers. Russians Macron Leagues case.

When Macron became president of the Republic, French services strongly advised him to stop using the iPhone and replace it with a special line of Diorm or cryptosmart phones in use on the Elysee. However, Macron did not follow that recommendation. Moroccan services can be activated by logging into the president’s iPhone, for example, a video camera or audio recorder, as well as copying existing data. In the aftermath of the Macron Leaks case, French intelligence expects attacks from Russia or China, which were less likely from an allied regional power such as Morocco. However, Macron is not the only head of state or head of government to appear on this list Of spying public personalities. Other names released last night include South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Rwanda’s target 2019; Former Lebanese Prime Minister Chad Hariri on the United Arab Emirates list; Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, Robert Mali, US Chief of Staff, King Mohamed VI of Morocco and his Prime Minister Saddam Hussein and Director-General of the World Health Organization Tetros Caprais were selected as interested persons by the Moroccan services; Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, an Indian spy, and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon were spied on by an unidentified man. More revelations are expected in the coming days.

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