February 28, 2024

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Madonna's daughter records with a clip for the first time touching the tombstone and dancing semi-naked |  Music

Madonna’s daughter records with a clip for the first time touching the tombstone and dancing semi-naked | Music

MusicLord Lyon, Madonna’s 25-year-old daughter, has released her own music for the first time. Under the name Lolahol, in reference to her nickname Lola, yesterday she released her first mini clip with the song Lock & Key. The video quickly attracted more than 242,000 views.

“Music is wise, I can sing,” Lourdes reported last year when she asked Interview Magazine about her goals in life. Lourdes has primarily worked as a model in recent years, working with major brands such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, Thierry Mugler and Savage X Fenty, Rihanna’s lingerie brand. Financially, this is a “smart” career choice, she said. She also “don’t care” about music. She explained, perhaps because she already has a mother in the business.

Special video

Less than a year later, she’s the same. According to the press release, her first single, “Future Journey Test,” won’t quickly turn into a radio single due to the alternative soundtrack. But the promotion takes care of itself: although Madonna’s daughter owes this mainly to her video.

In the clip, Lorde touches a man and witness in a cemetery, dances out of a car window with a skeleton behind the wheel, sings in a jeep with a coffin on the roof and dances semi-naked in the waves. Madonna herself is already very proud of her daughter, Lourdes. “I’m so proud of you, Lola!” It appears in her Instagram Stories.

Lorde, who was educated to dance in the past, is the eldest of Madonna’s children (64), with whom she has five other children. The singer received her in 1996 with actor Carlos Leon. Although Lorde has a profession of her own, she is often subject to prejudice. “People think I’m a rich, untalented kid and blow into everything, but I’m not,” she told Vogue magazine. She asserted, for example, that she paid for her education herself.

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