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Many people paint their bathroom incorrectly: the most common mistakes

Many people paint their bathroom incorrectly: the most common mistakes

November 6, 2023 • 11:19 AM By Editors

Painting a bathroom is a good way to update a space or give it a completely new look. However, there are common mistakes in this painting process that can lead to a disappointing result. This is a waste of time and effort! That’s why a number of common mistakes have been listed below along with tips on how to avoid them.

Inadequate wall preparation

One of the most common mistakes when painting a bathroom is skipping wall preparation. It is important to clean the surface well and allow it to dry before starting. In addition, the wall must be treated with a suitable primer. This ensures that the paint adheres better and that moisture does not penetrate it.

Using the wrong paint

Another big mistake is using incorrect paint. Bathrooms have specific requirements due to humidity and temperature fluctuations. So it’s important to find a wall paint that can withstand moisture and is also easy to clean. Sigmapearl Clean Mat He is a perfect example of this. Water-based wall paint is suitable for heavy-use living areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. You can clean it well without losing the shiny result.

No tape or cover

For an elegant result, masking and covering surfaces is essential. This includes window frames, taps, flooring and sanitary facilities. Even if you are very quiet

While working, paint may drip or splatter. This leads to unnecessary cleaning work or even damage to your beautiful bathroom tiles. Avoid that frustration and take a lot of time to connect and protect everything properly. Naturally, this applies not only to the bathroom, but to every living space.

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Poor ventilation in the bathroom

Inadequate ventilation is a common mistake when painting a bathroom. High humidity can extend paint drying time, cause stains, or even worsen moisture problems. Therefore, make sure there is adequate ventilation and air circulation in the room. Open windows and doors and do not step on the spot Under a hot shower.

Work very quickly

Painting in the bathroom requires patience. Working in a hurry can lead to inaccurate results and unnecessary errors. Take your time to prepare for the drawing task. Pre-treat the walls, plaster and covering surfaces, then carefully apply the paint and give it enough time to dry.

Avoiding the above mistakes will result in a stylish and fresh result!