March 4, 2024

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Marco Borsato and Sergio Hermann in Italy to record a new TV show |  TV

Marco Borsato and Sergio Hermann in Italy to record a new TV show | TV

It wasn’t clear at first why the two were in Italy together. But in the meantime, Sergio Hermann’s management has informed Shownieuws that they are there to record a new TV show. Sergio previously announced that he was busy recording a new program.

In mid-August, the chef shared a photo of a particularly reflective building in the Swedish forests on his Instagram page. Sweden added. “Second season of ‘Off the Map’.” He added that the program will be shown on VTM this winter. Until then, Sergio Hermann had a well-known name. Meanwhile, Ella Leyers shared a photo of herself and Sergio in Sweden, in front of a table with cooking utensils. Sergio may be going down the road with several celebrities and celebrities this time around.

In 2019, Sergio Hermann already presented the first season of “From the Card”, and then Axel Daeseleire helped him. Together they traveled through different countries, such as Thailand, Mexico, and Japan, to discover the culinary customs of the country. It is not yet known if Axel Daesler will also be present this season. Last month, VTM said in a response that “a new program with Sergio Herrmann is being actively run”, but that it would be something different than “off the card”.

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