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Marco Borsato's son happy to get his parents back together: "I think my father will never betray me again" |  showbiz

Marco Borsato’s son happy to get his parents back together: “I think my father will never betray me again” | showbiz

showbizLuca Borsato, 22, the eldest son of singer Marco, believes “with a full 100 percent” that his father will never betray him again. The artist returned with Leontine Ruiters for a few months, from which he had previously divorced due to adultery. Luca says Marco learned his lesson. “I know from my father that he is not a bad person.”

“And I know he views my mother in great respect,” he continues on the weekend. “There are certain things that have happened, that have happened, and we will leave them in the past for now. We are looking to the future with a lot of positivity, in a good spirit and with a good feeling.”

Luca seems indulgent now, but he was furious when he first learned that his father had skated the crooked way. I didn’t want to talk to him for two weeks. Or at least, I was a bit rude when I texted. ”He’s confident that Marco and Leontine will still be together for now. “This wouldn’t be love, these two love each other very much. This was never different.”

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Marco Borsato and Leontine with Jada, Cena and Luca. © PRONOPRESS

In fact, his 18-year-old sister Jada never felt like the two were apart, she said recently. In their new relationship, Marco and Leonten gave up “form,” she said, as Marco often emphasized. For example, they still live separately.


Leontine also understands that Marco’s statements about “abandoning the model” were a source of jokes. It doesn’t seem a bit vague. She said last summer, but it’s absolutely true. “Love can come in all its forms and as we experience it now and now… We take it simple, they both continue to live comfortably in our own place. But now we have a very nice and relaxing time together and we enjoy it so much.”

Jada Borsato and Leontine Reuters.

Jada Borsato and Leontine Reuters. © SBS

Leontine should never know that the pair are dating again, as Marco called it. “I think we should stay very close to ourselves. Seeing together, that’s just the way it is. Anyone can make their own story out of it. But we’ve never hidden the fact that we love each other, and that never goes away.”

It has been shown more than once that Marco’s children, despite their frequent adultery, are still on good terms with him. Shortly after meeting Linda de Mol, for example, the family formed a single front on social media, and son Luca described the singer as “forever my great role model.”

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