June 24, 2024

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Marco Kana’s father attacks Anderlecht: “They had to save face” – Football News

Marco Kana’s father attacks Anderlecht: “They had to save face” – Football News

Marco Cana’s father, Gerry, gave a very good interview in La Dernière Heure. Despite all the positive things they say about his son at Anderlecht, he believes they are pushing him to leave.

Cana made his debut for Anderlecht under Vincent Kompany in 2019. Since that season, he has not received that many playing minutes. The young midfielder had to leave Anderlecht (for now) to get playing time. He hopes to get back on track at KV Kortrijk.

Gerry Cana, Marco’s father, is very bitter about the way his son was treated at Lotto Park: “When you see Anderlecht buying thirty-year-old players with midfield experience, you’re really asking yourself questions. And don’t tell me those transfers didn’t “It has been planned for a long time. Marco’s project was very vague and the signs were very negative.”

They mainly hope to make more money

Jiri Cana regrets that Anderlecht did not tell his son that he no longer fit into the plans. “Did the coach applaud him? Window dressing,” he explains. “The new management had to salvage their image because a fair number of young players started leaving the club.”

Great interview, as Kana re-signed until 2026 before being loaned out to Kortrijk. “They especially hope to make more money through the transfer if he has a good season,” concludes Father Cana.

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