September 24, 2022

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Marge: "Does beetroot juice really help against pimples?"

Marge: “Does beetroot juice really help against pimples?”

Dr. Jetske UlteeM.D., cosmetic dermatologist: “It’s so upsetting for Marie that she can’t control her skin. You can feel bad about it! You’ve probably ‘tried everything already’ and I understand that you then start looking for new or solutions alternative.”

“The beetroot juice story is nothing new by the way. It’s been circulating on the internet for years. Maybe someone just wrote something about it and then that message is picked up everywhere (on social media) and shared.”

Is it hype or beauty hack?

Ultee: “I always find it interesting (and important) to find out. Coincidentally, I was here not too long ago. Blog I wrote about it because the story was repeated many times.”

And what is your conclusion? Are the health benefits attributed to beetroot juice true?

“I’ve had many positive experiences, but there’s actually no solid evidence (yet) of the effect of beet juice. There are no studies looking at the effects of beetroot juice or beet supplementation on skin problems.”


“However, I am not going to write off red beets right away, because they have such a strong antioxidant effect. You can already see that in their beautiful deep red color. Betanin is responsible for this, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect. Red beets also contain Lots of fiber and almost all the vitamins and minerals (in small amounts, but still…).”

“Beetroot is not a magic cure, unfortunately also not against pimples, but it is a plant that is good for your skin. I would then choose whole beetroot and not the drink, because with beetroot juice you miss the fibers and you get a lot of sugars without even noticing it. This is also not good for your skin.”

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How can pimples continue to appear after puberty and what is the best in this case?

Alty: “Unfortunately, pimples can also appear in adulthood. Sometimes it’s the result of hormonal changes. There are a lot of women who can set the clock on them each month and have to deal with one or two ‘bad’ symptoms each cycle. Soak the skin.” “Maybe Marije realize this? Blisters can also be a result of the contraceptive you are using. Finally, pimples can be the result of intestinal problems or certain foods.”

Ultee advises, “Ask for help and don’t mess around for too long. It’s really unnecessary. It makes you sad and insecure and you’re at risk of scarring. There are good treatments and maybe medications that can help you.”

“In the meantime It is important for Mary to gently cleanse her skin. Ultee: “This ‘mild’ is very important, because the most common mistake with pimples is using ‘strong’ drying cleansers. Don’t exfoliate, but choose an exfoliant, preferably one based on salicylic acid. Dead skin cells don’t accumulate. Pores stay clean.”


“In my clinic, we not only look at skincare, but also lifestyle and nutrition. Sometimes this plays an important role in acne without you even noticing. We often advise people to keep a diary for a while. Write down what you eat and what your skin looks like.”