February 28, 2024

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Margot Robbie doesn't mind missing out on an Oscar nomination

Margot Robbie doesn't mind missing out on an Oscar nomination

She puts her Oscar buzz into perspective for her role in 'Barbie'

Margot Robbie, actress

Margot Robbie responded for the first time to the Oscars decision not to nominate her for Best Actress for her role in a movie Barbie, Iqbal last year. Barbie received eight nominations. “I think it's worse for Greta,” the Australian actress said at a SAG-AFTRA panel event. She was talking about Greta Gerwig, who was not nominated for director. Barbie It has already raised $1.38 billion, an amount that Robbie will be largely involved in as a producer on the film. Undoubtedly, this will relieve the pain as well.

Successor to John Kerry as climate envoy

John Podesta, political consultant

US President Joe Biden appointed John Podesta as the new US climate envoy. The 75-year-old top government climate adviser is currently working in the White House to guide the introduction of the inflation-reducing bill. This law frees up hundreds of billions of dollars for clean energy production and other measures to reduce global warming. Podesta succeeds 80-year-old John Kerry, who wants to be heavily involved in Biden's re-election campaign.

Suitable for the place on the European menu

Didier Reynders, politician

European Commissioner and former Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders will not be on the European MR list in June. He's been asked that question, he says, but “we shouldn't add chaos to chaos.” Reynders points out the hype surrounding Charles Michel. The President of the European Council announced early this year that he would end his term early in order to participate in the Revolutionary Movement's European Parliament elections next June. He returned to this last weekend, saying that he underestimated the criticism directed at his person. So, the French-speaking liberals have to look for a new European party leader.

Does Tesla want to move to Texas?

Elon Musk, businessman

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will ask the US electric car manufacturer's shareholders to vote on Tesla's move to Texas. The company is now based in Delaware, but Musk is angry that a judge in that state rejected the massive $55 billion (more than €50 billion) bonus package. “The public mood is unequivocally in favor of Texas!” “Tesla will immediately proceed to a shareholder meeting,” the billionaire said in a message on X.

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