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Marquez won in the United States GB

Marquez won in the United States GB

The debate ended at 2pm on Sunday, after several days of several bumps in U.S. orbit. 21 MotoGP riders assembled on stage for 20 laps of the US circuit and will decide how the race will take place. Although it was hotter than it had been in the previous days, conditions for the game were better. Three drivers were featured in pre-stage posts: Francesco Pagnia, Fabio Guardarro I Mark Marquez, Six-time race winner in Kota.

Marquez starts strong, with Sarko and Nagakami being the first victims of Kota

When the opening lights went out, Marquez was the best. The former world champion took the lead in the first corner and immediately narrowed the gap towards Quartarro, who sidelined polar sitter Pagnia in the first corner. It was the same Alex Kidneys Finished, the 2019 winner advanced to third place, while Pagnia currently had to finish fourth. The Italian had to go clear, and he too was taken in the second round George Martin. At the same time Takagi Nagakami Wanted to start the attack, the Japanese LCR driver crashed into 12.

Started a little backwards Jack Miller Impressive in racing from stage ten. He won in the third round Joan Mir On Brad Binder Overnight, the Australian, who opted for a tough rear tire, was in sixth place. The battle for third place was also interesting as George Martin dared to challenge his comrade Alex Rins. After a few attempts, Bramck took third from Rookie Rinse. Martin gave a good example Johann Sarko Unable to follow. The Frenchman crashed into the first corner and brought his machine into the bit box.

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Martin’s progress did not end in third place. The Spaniard showed no mercy in the fight with World Cup captain Guardarro and finished second. Quartarro did not relinquish his position. Coming out of the first corner he had Martin again. Meanwhile, Rinse retreated further and he lost his fourth place to Jack Miller, who took teammate Bacchia to sixth. Miller had to see if he could go further, meanwhile, betting captain Marquez, increased the pace. He obviously felt comfortable and was one step faster than Quartaro. The French had little air following Martin’s attack.

Marquez extends the lead further

Meanwhile, Bramak Ryder had to worry about Miller being at good speed. Pagnaya also left the difficult starting point behind him, he picked up speed again and found a way to cross the Rins. Meanwhile, the Suzuki man could forget another win at Kota, where he finished sixth. Alex Esbergo The already disappointing weekend on American soil ended with another crash, the fifth of the season. Aprilia Ryder found her Waterloo at turn 13 and was allowed to watch from the sidelines for the rest of the race.

When it came to television screens, Espercaro found himself ahead of his teammate Marquez Quartaro. Halfway through the race, the gap between the two front runners was about three seconds and things were fine for the Repsol Honda Rider. Second place for Quartarro was also a good place, especially with rival Pagnia behind him. Ducatiist Miller found a way to cross with eight laps, but had to cut a considerable gap to make life difficult for the Frenchman.

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Miller’s tough tire did not give the Australians the oily endurance anyway. Miller made a fourth return to Bagnoya, and he returned to Rinse, who too had to go very quickly. With that, the cards in the top five were replaced: Martin had a more comfortable margin than Quartaro by more than two-thirds of a second. However, it did not count as fatigue, Martin made a big mistake in the first field on the eighteenth lap and saw Bacchia coming close by the racing steps.

Pagnia found the link, so the final stage was the fight for the place of honor. As the game began, Martin was awarded a long lap penalty for a 4-5 fold cut. He had already lost a lot of time there, but it was not enough. He had to go through the ring, but would get his fourth. Pagnia was able to control Guardaro’s damage, but it was not enough to keep Guardaro from a competitive point in Misano.

Quartaro at the competition point with a strong second place

It came after Mark Marquez celebrated his second win of the season after 20 tough rounds at the COTA, already adding the 58th MotoGP victory in the palm of his hand. Quartarro scored twenty precious points with second place, which puts him on the threshold of the world title. Bagnya had to shore up to third place, but the world title was still a short distance away.

Martin took the long lap and lost his fourth place to Rinse, while Pramak Ducati Ryder was fifth. Enia Bastiani Passed John Mir and Jack Miller in the final. Miller sat outside, Mir sidelined, after which the two exchanged fiercely. Pastianini took advantage and finished sixth. Brad Binder finished ninth Like Espergo In tenth place.

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Miguel Oliveira took a few more points and finished 11th behind Alex Marquez. MotoGP senior Andrea Tovicioso signed his first points with Yamaha. After a long race he finished thirteenth and Luca Marini finished fourteenth. In his last race on American soil, he scored a World Cup point.

MotoGP Circus now has two free weekends before the start of the final phase of the season. The next meeting will take place over the weekend of October 24 at the Mizo World Circuit Marco Simonselli. Yamaha driver Quartaro can then decide the world championship in his favor.

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