May 21, 2024

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Martinez is disappointed with his players and points to 'suffocation': 'The team can't control emotions' |  Red Devils

Martinez is disappointed with his players and points to ‘suffocation’: ‘The team can’t control emotions’ | Red Devils

Red DevilsNational coach Roberto Martinez gave after defeat France A stark interpretation of the disastrous second half of the Red Devils. Explanation where he alluded to the “suffocation” on the part of the players, who cannot control the responsibility of winning.

Roberto Martinez’s plan (half long) worked. With Mbappe, Benzema and Griezmann missing for 45 minutes in the Bermuda Triangle in Wirtongen, Denayer and Alderworld. With Tillmans, Witsel and De Bruyne who controlled Pogba and Rabiot. 2-0.

Martinez started his virtual press conference after the match: “Let’s not overlook the first half.” “It was exceptionally good. The players understood how we could win this match. We finished 2-0 and could have scored much earlier. At that time, the quality was very high.”

However, the national coach then gave a great explanation of the events after the break. “It was a psychological thing. The team could not control the emotions, so they were no longer doing what was necessary. The players wanted to get to the final as quickly as possible. They were no longer involved in the game.”


Mentally… in the second half we felt the responsibility to win an award. The players wanted it. Football became desperate. The boys wanted a lot. We had to keep doing what we were doing before the first half. It showed The team put up some resistance with the goal not allowed. This is very harsh. Just because we played football at our comfort in the first half.”

Martinez also mocked the referee: “Important decisions were against us.”

In conclusion: “It was not the dedication or commitment of the players. We now have 12 months to prepare for the World Cup.”

A good listener could read between the lines Martinez was alluding to that word elite athletes don’t like hearing: “choke.”

The national coach was completely stunned after the match, to find that these players – all of whom have been consistent values ​​at the top of European football for years – mentally sank under pressure. Martinez coined the term “responsibility.” For the Red Devils, the responsibility to win something – thrown at them by the press and the public – was unbearable after the break.

Suddenly demons encounter a psychological wall.

Tristesse in Turin: The Red Devils give up their 2-0 lead in a dramatic second half and experience another nightmare against France

Our head of football saw the house of the Devil’s Cards collapse: “Does anyone fantasize about this consolation game, Sunday afternoon?” (+)

Roberto Martinez.

Roberto Martinez. © VTM

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