May 31, 2024

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Mass Hospital: Quick clarity on vertigo complaints

Mass Hospital: Quick clarity on vertigo complaints

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lung | The neurologists at Maasziekenhuis Pantein have special expertise in the field of vertigo. Dizziness complaints can have various causes. The private test often shows what happens after just one visit.

Dizziness can occur with a rapid movement of the head or a change in position. Everyone experiences this from time to time, but if it happens frequently or if someone experiences attacks of dizziness, it is very annoying in everyday life. Sometimes people become anxious about doing things or being alone. Investigating the cause is very important in such a case.

Examination and diagnosis in one day
Neurologist Margot T. Riel: “We believe it is important to provide people with clarity quickly. That is why we do all examinations and tests in one appointment as often as possible. The specialist always discusses the treatment proposal with the patient on the same day. We also use a “video head pulse test”. This allows us to determine if there are abnormalities in the vestibular apparatus.”

Collaboration specialists
Once the cause of the complaint is clear, it is also known which doctor can help another person. Sometimes this is a neurologist, but sometimes an otolaryngologist. And if someone is a little older, sometimes the knowledge of the clinical geriatrician is important. This specialist has extensive knowledge of age-related complaints. And if there is a feeling of fainting and hypotension, then a cardiologist often comes into the picture. “We try to get everyone with complaints to get in touch with the appropriate practitioner as quickly as possible, so that daily life is not unnecessarily hampered,” says T-Real.

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