June 17, 2024

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Match against Rangers received 5 million checks for Union: "Would help" |  Champions League

Match against Rangers received 5 million checks for Union: “Would help” | Champions League

“On a healthy mind” Bormann was at the airport this morning. Destination: Glasgow. After a 2-0 win in Leuven over Rangers, Union can already dream of the next round in the championship ball.

“It’s a historic game,” Union CEO said. “We have a good starting position, but it will be difficult in very nice conditions. Unfortunately, 50,000 fans will not support us. We will take our chance and then we will see.”

If he exceeds Union Rangers, the residents of Brussels will receive an additional 5 million euros. “Hopefully the players aren’t too busy with this, but it’s a good motivator for the club,” Bormans said.

“We will not have the budget to put together a team at the level of the Champions League. We are still a club with modest potential. But 5 million of course will help us do something right or left. Or build a new stadium.”

Then the union will have to come out a little better than facing KV Mechelen. “I saw that the cups were already quite a bit in tomorrow’s game,” Bormans says. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s also a logical response.”

“We’ll have to learn how to deal with that. That’s maturity. So the result was a bit predictable, but the way it was done was ‘on the guilds.'”

With that said, almost everyone in Belgium supports a second stunt against Rangers. “It’s also important for Belgian football. In front of such a big team, we feel everyone’s support and we will need it.”

“In the first leg we showed who we are. Fighting for every ball, running for every meter. But the second leg definitely won’t be easy. We shouldn’t count too much and we just have to play our game. There will definitely be chances, because Rangers must score twice for sure.”

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“This is the reward that the team worked so hard last year. In the end they only lost the main prize, but maybe now we will get to the next round with a miracle. In the second division, no one dared to think that we will be here so soon.”