March 4, 2024

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Mathieu van der Poel puts the crown on his shoulders with his sixth world title, a bronze ahead of Michael Vanthornhout

Mathieu van der Poel puts the crown on his shoulders with his sixth world title, a bronze ahead of Michael Vanthornhout

Cycling World Championships: Elite

2:30 PM Tabor

The Tabor Cycling World Championships had a logical race route and the expected winner: Mathieu van der Poel (29) added a sixth world title to his list of honours. The Dutch favorite chose deeper water after more than 4 minutes. Joris Nieuwenhuis came in second, and Michael Vanthornhout scored the Belgian bronze medal.

Nieuwenhuis (2nd): “I was driving too fast because of the adrenaline”

Joris Nieuwenhuis stayed 10 seconds away from Mathieu van der Poel for a long time. But suddenly his feather broke.

“I told myself before the start that I shouldn't get too excited. Because then you could reach a dead end.”

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“But in those first few rounds of the World Cup, you're filled with adrenaline, and you dug in a little bit.”

In the second half of the match Nieuwenhuis almost feared for second place. “After 3 rounds, I had a really tough time. But luckily I got through it.”

Nieuwenhuis is one of the finds of the season. “I am especially happy that I was able to ride consistently throughout a whole season and reach the championship,” concludes the Vice World Champion.


Stage after stage

Final stage of the World Cup: Van der Poel becomes world champion, Vanthornhout gives Belgium the bronze medal

Bronze to Vanthornhout

The Belgians can console themselves with a bronze medal from Michael Vanthornhout. Runhar comes in fourth place, and Iserbit is close to the top five.

Van der Poel celebrates at the end… with his finger pointing at the bike

Maestro Matteo!

The sixth world title has been won for glutton Matteo van der Poel! The field maestro had already started flying after 4 minutes.

Nieuwenhuis completes the orange one-two punch.

9 Belgians are in the top 14

The Belgians lead in blocks with 9 in the top 14, but it is the Netherlands that leads the way.

Belgians' positions:

3. Fanthoren wood

5. Izrebit

6. Adams

8. Nice

9. Moisin

11. Wisdom

12. Vandebush

13. Vandeput

14. Sweik

Fanthoren wood

Silver seems a bit ambitious for Michael Vanthornhout. 17 seconds separate him from Nieuwenhuis. Securing bronze now seems to be the message for our countryman.

You never know what could happen in that final round.

Adri van der Poel remains cautious

Status after 5 of 6 rounds

1. Van der Poel (Ned)

2. Neufenhaus (Ned) at 43 inches

3. 55 inch fanthurine wood

4. Runhar (Ned) at 1'12'

5. Izrebit at 1'48″

6. Adams at 2'15″

7. Poros (Tsj)

8. Nice

9. Moisin at 2'28″

10. Orts (spa) at 2:31 minutes

The last round

Mathieu van der Poel races into the final round to huge applause. His lead over first chaser Nieuwenhuis is reassuring: 43 seconds.

Van der Haar from 5 to 18

Van der Haar has pushed the entire dismal series to the back burner.

Vanthourenhout could now smell Nieuwenhuis.

Robin van Gucht

Break the chain for van der Haar

Silver is still possible

Vanthourenhout is quickly closing in on Nieuwenhuis in second place. The difference shrinks to 12 seconds.

Break in the van der Haar series

Iserbyt, Nys and company advance to the top spot, because Van der Haar has the flags. He runs to the equipment center with a broken chain, very sad for Dutch.

Fanthoren wood is ready for the stage

In his quest for a medal, things are looking increasingly rosy for Michael Vanthornhout. Ronhar puts it at 14 seconds.

Ronhar is cracking? Vanthornhout will be looking for a bronze medal