July 24, 2024

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Meet three characters from The First Descendant

Meet three characters from The First Descendant

At Summer Game Fest 2024 we saw more than Amazing trailer From the first lineage. I liked the idea right away, looting and shooting. We’ve already met three characters from this action-packed title.

during PlayStation Blog A lot of information has been leaked about the online shooter The First Descendant. If I read it correctly, there will be no less than 19 playable races. Ajax, Bunny, and Valby are already three years old, as we can see from gameplay footage what they have to offer.

Ajax is a pure tank, and can summon shields to protect herself and her teammates from enemy bullets for a certain period of time. He can also deal massive damage to a group of enemies with a powerful jump.

The rabbit perfectly combines speed and electricity to crush the enemy. This combination allows her to move very quickly and can electrocute enemies in no time.

Valbi manipulates water like no other. She can partially transform herself using water, so she can move faster, leaving a trail of wetness behind her. This way she can use this later, when she turns into a pool of water, and in other wet places she forms back into one shape.

The first descendant looks interesting at first glance. Especially when you read what developer NEXON Games Co. has to say. He has everything in store for this game.

The First Descendant uses Unreal Engine 5, so we can expect some things graphically. In terms of gameplay, it’s an online shooter, where we and a group of friends/strangers can participate in Instance Dungeons and raids with giant bosses, which should be the icing on the cake for this The First Descendant.

Starting July 2, The First Descendant will be playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series Interesting details, it’s a free game. If they handle this well and smartly, it could be a surprise.


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