December 6, 2023

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“Meghan Markle in disguise” reappears at King Charles’ party |  Property

“Meghan Markle in disguise” reappears at King Charles’ party | Property

PropertyKarl Jenkins, 79, who went viral during King Charles’ coronation as “Meghan Markle in disguise”, has reappeared at a royal party. Jenkins was a guest at a reception at Buckingham Palace, organized to thank everyone involved in the coronation.

look. Sir Carl Jenkins steals the show at the coronation of King Charles III

Karl was invited to the reception because of his knighthood, but also because one of the songs he had written in Welsh was played during the coronation.

But that’s not why he briefly became world-famous. Jenkins’ “vintage look” reminded many viewers of the classic “bad disguise” from the movies. His mustache, big glasses, and messy hair aren’t really from that time anymore. Someone joked on Twitter: “Be careful, it’s a thief in disguise to steal the Crown Jewels!” According to another clown, Meghan Markle was in disguise and came in disguise to the coronation ceremony. Or maybe Sarah Ferguson, who didn’t even receive an invitation?

Jenkins says he can laugh at the many memes he’s inspired. Carl is a Welsh composer who was knighted by the late Queen. “I was very surprised,” he admits. “Someone wrote that I was there to steal the crown! Imagine!”

He himself had no impression that he looked strange at all. “I always look like this, ever since I was little. I’ve had this mustache since I was 18. At the time, this look was simply fashionable.

Carl Jenkins at the reception of Charles III. © Getty

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