April 14, 2024

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Mercedes joins Stellantis and Total to start manufacturing EV batteries in Europe – Sound and Vision – News

Mercedes-Benz, together with Stellantis and Total, will produce batteries for electric cars in Europe. In 2030 there should be a total production capacity of at least 120 GWh. Stellantis and Total have been cooperating in battery production since September 2020.

he met the agreement Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis and Total will become third owners of Automotive Cells, the company that owns Stellantis and Total Founded a year ago. Now that Mercedes is a partner, the three companies want to ensure there will be at least 120 GWh of capacity by 2030. This means that 120 GWh of battery capacity will be produced in a year, with the actual number of batteries dependent on the size of each battery.

ACC aims to develop and manufacture cells and battery modules for electric vehicles, focusing on safety and performanceAnd Competitive prices and durability. For example, ACC batteries should be 95 percent recyclable. The said production capacity of 120 GWh requires a total investment of seven billion euros. I expected Mercedes Less than 1 billion euros to invest in ACC.

Automotive Cells also wants to raise money through grants and other investments. Germany and France have already pledged 1.3 billion euros to the company. When the company was founded, ACC talked about an initial capacity of 8 gigawatt-hours, which will become 48 gigawatt-hours by 2030. Then an investment of 5 billion euros was needed. This 48 gigawatts would be enough to power one million electric cars with batteries each year, more than ten percent of the European market. At that time, two manufacturers were discussed; One is in Dufferin in France, and the other is in Kaiserlautern in Germany. Additional plants are now under investigation.

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mercedes referred to earlier Prepare to be fully electric by the end of this decade, market conditions allow. To achieve this, a total battery capacity of more than 200 GWh will be required. To this end, the company wants to build eight battery plants around the world, four of them in Europe, along with partner companies. Participation in the ACC is part of this plan, and the ACC should supply Mercedes with the first batteries in the middle of this decade.

Stellantis is the parent company of, among others, Citroën, Peugeot, Opel and a number of Italian and American brands. The company was officially formed earlier this year as a merger of French PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Tweakers Wrote a background article earlier About car manufacturers’ plans to transition to fully electric vehicles.

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