March 4, 2024

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Microsoft enables gaming with colleagues through Microsoft Teams – Games – News

that’s the problem. We customers want a simple messaging/meeting app that’s fast and does what it should do. Microsoft believes we want a jack of all trades for all forms of communication and interaction in one. However, they don’t know how they want to put it all together in a coherent way, so they do something.

It feels like the developers are being pushed hard in bullet points, every new feature is a win, but no one is looking at the overall user experience or performance.

Unfortunately, we’re stuck with it and while there are many good alternatives, it’s just not on the map “because it’s free with the M365”. The truth is, teams aren’t bad enough to be considered anything else.

What has become more and more of a problem lately is the statuses not being updated. For example, a colleague appears on Red, so I wait and wait for him to become available. Finally, I click on it, and the app thinks “Oh, maybe update this status” and immediately turns green. Turns out it was green all afternoon but the app on my end stopped updating or something. |  :( This drives you crazy. Something like that is just something that has to work 100% reliably. ICQ was already able to do this 25 years ago.

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