June 20, 2024

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Microsoft lets you boot your physical PC directly into a cloud PC

Microsoft lets you boot your physical PC directly into a cloud PC

Microsoft is offering a solution where a physical computer connects directly to a virtual cloud computer at startup. This would make it much more convenient to share a single thin client with multiple users.

Microsoft Presentations Boot Windows 365. The flag covers the load: Computers with the technology run directly into a Cloud PC environment in Microsoft Azure. So you won’t experience a login window for your local version of Windows, but you can log in immediately to Cloud PC. According to Microsoft, this makes it easier to use one computer with multiple people. After all, once you sign in with your unique data, the computer will show you your unique Cloud PC environment.

Fewer computers

The functionality is compatible with Microsoft plans. In some cases, this means that companies buy fewer computers. For example, for organizations where employees work in shifts, Microsoft has just released its Frontline licenses. This allows an organization to split a single Windows license among three users, if they don’t have to work simultaneously.

Combined with Cloud PC and Windows 365 Boot, all the puzzle pieces fall into place. For example, you can install a single thin client that connects directly to the cloud and always loads the correct Windows environment for the employee in question.

To start using the new functionality, you must register for the Windows Insider Program. Windows 11 is essential. You also need administrator rights on Intune and, of course, a Windows 365 Cloud PC license. Microsoft hasn’t said a word about general availability at this time.

What about accounts?

The critical mind should not forget that Windows works with local accounts. You can ideally buy one PC with a local version of Windows 11, and create three accounts on it. The advantages of the approach with Cloud PC and/or Frontline are not entirely clear. Microsoft talks about better isolation between environments, but we suspect that not every organization will lose sleep if the environments in question are for their own company’s employees.

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