March 5, 2024

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Microsoft wants Copilot to open automatically, without you asking

Microsoft wants Copilot to open automatically, without you asking

In the new version of Windows 11, Microsoft is testing a feature where Copilot forces itself on you automatically, for now only on widescreen devices.

“We're testing Copilot to automatically open when Windows starts on widescreen devices with some Windows insiders in the Dev channel,” Microsoft wrote in Preview From the latest Windows 11 Build. For some users, Copilot will open itself automatically. It's not made clear what Microsoft means by “widescreen.”

In the settings menu you will see below Personal settings An additional menu will be added for Windows Copilot related settings. Using the slider, you can specify whether Copilot can open automatically when Windows starts. It remains to be seen whether the function will be turned on or off by default. This will first be tested with the Windows Insiders audience to gather feedback, and then Microsoft will determine if, when, and how to add it to Windows Update.

Source: Microsoft

Nature of the beast

Microsoft wants to get its Copilot software to as many users as possible this year. The addition of the Copilot keyboard shortcut on the new laptops' keyboards can be described as fairly subtle, but with this tweak it appears that Microsoft is once again using its proven recipe for functions on you without you even asking. It's been tried for years with Edge, Bing, and now again with Copilot. For those who want to use Copilot, it may be helpful to have the AI ​​tool open automatically. For those who don't want that, it's another setting they have to find and adjust.

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PC manufacturers are happy to follow Microsoft into the AI ​​obsession. “AI PC” seems like a nice marketing term to boost personal computer sales after some tough years. We'll go into more detail in this article about why this air is essentially hot.

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Another potential addition from Copilot is more customization options within Windows. User X has been contacted primogeniture I noticed an unannounced option to choose a chat provider in the Windows version, which may indicate that Microsoft wants to give third parties access to Copilot. This has not been confirmed by Microsoft yet, nor has the addition of the “Cowriter” feature in Notepad that we reported on earlier today.