April 16, 2024

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Middle East crisis.  Israel wants to continue talks on a ceasefire in Qatar

Middle East crisis. Israel wants to continue talks on a ceasefire in Qatar

Thousands of people took to the streets in several Israeli cities on Saturday evening to demand the release of hostages still being held by the extremist Palestinian organization Hamas. The demonstrators also attacked the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

One of the reservists shouted during the largest demonstration in Tel Aviv: “I call on the most failed government in the history of Israel to resign.” A reserve officer was injured in the Gaza war. The banners read, among other things: “You are the leader! You are to blame!”

Netanyahu faces increasing accusations in his country of poor leadership of the country, before and after the attack launched by Hamas on October 7. Critics accuse the Prime Minister of subjecting everything to his political gains when making important decisions.

In Tel Aviv, a group of demonstrators tried to block a highway. The police used water cannons to push them away. In addition to Tel Aviv, actions also took place in Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba, and in Caesarea, in front of one of Netanyahu's villas.

The fate of more than 130 remaining hostages profoundly affects Israeli society. Israel itself estimates that 100 of the hostages are still alive.

Indirect negotiations are currently underway with Hamas for their release. According to the American news website Axios, the Israeli Defense Cabinet decided on Saturday evening to send a delegation with a limited mandate to Qatar. This delegation must discuss issues of a technical nature.

Earlier this week, talks took place in Paris between Israel and with Egypt, Qatar, and the United States, which are the countries that are holding talks with Hamas. According to media reports, those talks went “very well.” The Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote on Saturday that the goal is to conclude an agreement before the beginning of Ramadan, around March 10.

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