December 5, 2023

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Mobile vaccination teams are on the road to vaccinate people at home against Corona

Mobile vaccination teams are on the road to vaccinate people at home against Corona

Anyone who believes they are eligible for home vaccination can call 0800-2077. Or ask an informal carer to do so. Whether home vaccination is possible is determined by telephone. “Bedridden people are eligible. Or people who are not mobile enough to reach the vaccination site, even with the help of others,” explains Margarete Beckdam, Vaccination Manager at Hecht GGD Hollands Midden. “We note that people being able to claim home vaccination themselves is new this year and is still relatively unknown. General practitioners can also register patients. In contrast to previous Corona campaigns, general practitioners are no longer able to vaccinate themselves. The vaccine is no longer available to them.” .

“Call as soon as possible for vaccination at home,” emphasizes Margaret. “The autumn vaccination round ends at the end of December 2023 and after registration we need a few weeks to plan home vaccination. We organize home vaccinations as efficiently as possible by planning routes intelligently. The mobile teams can then vaccinate more people every day.

Together, doctor Jürgen Wardmann and administrator Bert Donnaars form a mobile vaccination team. They have been working at Hecht GGD Hollands Midden since the beginning of the Corona crisis and are in perfect harmony with each other. The division of labor is clear. Jurgen uses control questions to determine whether it is possible to vaccinate someone. Bert distracts people when Jurgen releases the ball. Burt: “Nobody likes to get a chance, so it already happened before they knew it.” Bert also looks after the administration and writes the test certificate. They both have a nice conversation with the people they visit.

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“It’s wonderful that this is possible,” says Ms. Dyer, 73, from Noordwickerhout. She and her 89-year-old husband were vaccinated against Corona, at home on the couch. This is the first time they have received coronavirus shots at home. In previous rounds of injections, they always went to the vaccination site in Leiden. Due to Mr Dyer’s state of health, this is no longer possible. Jürgen: “Since we are here, we will vaccinate the lady immediately.”

This is also happening unplanned for Mr. van den Barsselaer (89), also from Noordwigkerhout. He is vaccinated at home because “my leg is fighting and I am alone.” His assistant Betsy Garces (49) is cleaning up when Jurgen and Bert arrive. When asked, it became clear that she would also like to get the Corona vaccine, because she believes it is important for the health of her clients and herself. As a healthcare worker, she is in the target group for the fall campaign, so she will also receive the dose. Jürgen: “That’s why we always take extra vaccines with us.” Betsy is very happy about this: “I had a vaccination appointment in Leiden next Saturday. Now I can do something else.”

Since mid-October, two mobile vaccination teams from Hecht GGD Hollands Midden have been on their way to vaccinate non-mobile people living at home against Corona. They have now vaccinated more than 500 people at home. 500 people have already been scheduled for the coming weeks. Margaret: Our mission is to make the Corona vaccine available to everyone. Home vaccination is the solution for non-mobile people. Because those who cannot come to our vaccination sites often need this protection against Corona even more.

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Jurgen and Bert enjoy home visits. Jürgen: “It’s a very special job. You never know what you’ll find behind the front door, but you know that your arrival really matters to the people you visit.” Bert: “People are often very grateful, as was the case in the early days when the Corona vaccine was available.” just yet.”