April 17, 2024

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Model Linda Evangelista took a selfie for the first time after failing fat freezing

Model Linda Evangelista took a selfie for the first time after failing fat freezing

© Photo: Edwin Jansen

Former model Linda Evangelista spoke out for the first time about the failed plastic procedure. I did it in an exclusive interview with People Magazine† She also photographed herself for the first time. “I cannot continue to live in fear and shame.”


She was once the most photographed supermodel in the world, but over the past five years, Linda Evangelista (56) has kept her distance from the outside world. This is due to the failure of cosmetic treatment. But now she allows herself to take pictures People Magazine

Evangelista’s body is said to have been “permanently disfigured” and “brutally disfigured” after several CoolSculpting sessions. This is a popular FDA-approved fat-freezing treatment. It is promoted as an alternative to liposuction. Between August 2015 and February 2016, the former model underwent seven sessions of this treatment.

After several months of treatment, Evangelista began seeing bumps on her chin, thighs, and around her breasts. Only places you want to be thinner. The bulges started to harden and eventually numb. She thought she made a mistake herself and started a strict diet and exercise, but nothing helped her. Finally, she went to the doctor who told her she had paradoxical lip hyperplasia (PAH). ‘I thought, ‘What the hell is this?’ “.he told me no diet or exercise could fix it.” It’s a rare side effect of CoolSculpting.

“I used to love walking on the podium,” she said, “but now I’m afraid to meet a familiar person.” People Magazine† “I can’t continue to live in fear and shame. I can no longer live with this pain. I am ready to speak at last.”