June 18, 2024

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"Mole" announces the start date and immediately disassembles with a mysterious face

“Mole” announces the start date and immediately disassembles with a mysterious face

Season 10 starts on March 20th the mole starting. The trailer for the Anniversary Edition has just been released and a mysterious character finally appears. Who may be revealed on March 13th. The candidates are then presented at the “Café De mol”.

the moletogether with The smartest person in the world One of Play4’s crown jewels is heading to the Canary Islands this year, and now we also know when we can expect the adventure on TV there: Sunday, March 20. Lieutenant Colonel Gilles de Coster receives his nominees at Lanzarote and from there the island moves to the other islands of the sunny archipelago off the west African coast.

The advertising scene begins with an image of a mysterious man in a hat bowing down at a rich festive table. “I am a mole and this is the tenth adventure. We should celebrate that, right?” he said and immediately the champagne flowed. However, the surprise comes at the end when the man who calls himself a mole suddenly shows his face. An unknown young man appears that Play4 does not want to reveal more information about. Is he a racer? Possible to be a mole? New co-presenter? Or is it a new element to the game? The future must appear.

What is already certain is that final the mole It is scheduled to take place on May 8. The reveal of the spoiler will not only be on Play4, but there will also be a major final event at Paleis 12 in Brussels. Café De Mol will also bring back this jubilee season: on March 13, you will be presented with the nominees.

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