February 21, 2024

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More details Apex Legends Season 15 revealed |  News

More details Apex Legends Season 15 revealed | News

With Broken Moon, the game gets a fifth map

written by Gary Clapwick in

Respawn Entertainment revealed more details about the new season of Apex Legends, which kicks off on November 1, at its developer panel.

The new season of the popular battle royale shooter game is called Eclipse, and it brings with it two important innovations: the new Catalyst character and the new map, Broken Moon. Later, Respawn will reveal more information about Catalyst, the first female mutant in Apex Legends.

The new map features somewhat larger landing spots compared to other maps. In this way, Respawn tries to make crowded places less chaotic. As a result, players should live longer and have more time to collect weapons and make a plan of attack. Another new addition is the compressed rails. This allows players to move quickly across the map. The zip bars work almost like the ziplines that were already in the game. The main difference is that Ziprails form a grid around the map, allowing players to cover a greater distance.

In terms of size, the new map is comparable to World’s Edge. This makes it smaller than Olympus and Storm Point and somewhat larger than King’s Canyon. In addition to Broken Moon, Season 15 will allow players to play on Olympus and World’s Edge. King’s Canyon and Storm Point are temporarily unavailable. Check out some screenshots of the new map below.

The new season also adds the option to give items to other players. Players can purchase items for each other in the in-game store. This only applies to items that can be purchased with Apex Coins. Players do not have to deal with area locking. So it is possible to give gifts to players in another region. With the new Battle Pass, players can unlock the Interactive Skin of Havoc.

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Finally, the new season adds stickers. Players can place these stickers on healing items, including shield cells and medical kits. In the previous season, the in-game animation for these items had already been changed to pre-sort this add-on. With new animations, stickers appear when items are used.

One of the most requested add-ons in Apex Legends is cross progression, which allows players to transfer their account to another platform. However, Respawn is not able to offer a feature update yet. Its development is in full swing, but it comes with some challenges as the game was not designed with this feature in mind. The developer does not dare to give a date until one is sure that the function is working flawlessly.

Apex Legends: Eclipse will be available November 1 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.