April 22, 2024

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More immigrants than returned to the U.S. southern border |  Abroad

More immigrants than returned to the U.S. southern border | Abroad

A record number of immigrants tried to enter the United States last year. More than a million people were deported to Mexico or their home countries.

According to U.S. Border Patrol data, The US Customs and Border Protection, There have been more than 1.7 million arrests along the Mexico border in the last fiscal year (which ended in September 2021). This is the highest number ever recorded.

Most of this is about immigrants who have already been deported under the anti-Corona emergency law passed under former President Donald Trump.

New initiatives

U.S. officials say the increased number of emissions during the height of the corona virus outbreak could lead to more immigrants returning than usual and making new efforts to achieve their goals. It seeks to cross borders, mainly from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, with less backward immigrants. Two-thirds of them are adults without children.


At the same time, U.S. authorities report the detention of more than 145,000 orphaned children, another record number. It has been twenty years since a similarly large number of immigrants were stopped.

Nearly 11,000 children are currently being housed in shelters across the border, which they could not cope with. Earlier this year, the British broadcaster BBC reported on the abuse at the Fort Bliss Detention Center in Texas. There was sexual abuse, disease and lice attack. The children there were also hungry.

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Immigrants wait on the bus after crossing the border from Mexico to Texas. © AFP

Press the bra

Continuing problems at the border are affecting the popularity of President Joe Biden. One-third of Americans say polls support Biden’s more liberal approach. The Democrat leader was more interested in showing a “humane” immigration policy than his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Republicans see increasing numbers and poor reception as evidence that Baden’s approach only causes more misery, because among immigrants, they believe they have more chance of becoming U.S. citizens.