February 26, 2024

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“More people have influenza”

“More people have influenza”

From one of our correspondents
Willemstad – General practitioners in Curaçao are currently noticing many cases of “upper respiratory tract infections”. Collective name for colds, flu and Covid.

Everyone now knows someone or more often than not people who has had or recently had the flu. When asked, general practitioners confirmed that there were already more cases.
“We have not received any official notification from the government – the Department of Infectious Diseases – with numbers of such a serious situation that requires special action and/or measures,” says head GP Gerry Semper.
He referred to the following “medical scientific” knowledge: “The influenza period returns every year from November to March. It is not historically unusual for its duration or severity to vary from year to year. So it may take longer, and depending on the prevailing variants, it may be More people are getting sick and these people are also feeling sick.But the average healthy person who does not have risk factors such as obesity, diabetes or a low immune system, among others, does not need to worry.

GMN: Increased cases of respiratory infections.

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