June 20, 2024

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Morton 'Ramses' Heizmann wants to enter the United States

Morton ‘Ramses’ Heizmann wants to enter the United States

Morton Heijmans won the Golden Calf in the Netherlands and the Emmy in the United States. Of course the awards are glorious, but Heijmans has some regrets. “I should have flown to Los Angeles with that Emmy in my hand.”

In an interview with Volkskrand Magazine Is RamsesThe actor openly stated about the bumpy road that is often taken to cross our small country. He really won: his role Ramses Shafi Received the highest score in the series of the same name Of D. Emmy.


If he had been a little more inspired by his own abilities he might have gone straight to his Emmy. “I thought for a long time that I was not a real singer, not a real actor. Maybe out of some sort of self-defense.”

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After graduation, he was mainly stressed because he was constantly heard that he could not be victimized when he was in drama school. However, instead of opening it, he took it as evidence: “Look, I can’t do this. I saw more people around me than I did.

Admired as Ramses

The role of Ramses Stop those thoughts. Appreciated as Ramses And perhaps confirming the outside was not the most important thing: it helped him greatly to see himself differently. However, he is very critical of himself, especially now that he wants to go international.

Morton Heijmans Emmy

After his Emmy success, he has done eighty auditions for all kinds of shows and series from Netflix for two years, but it has not come up yet. “I should have flown to LA with that Emmy in my hand at the time, I put that picture on the counter at the major cast companies and said: ‘So, who can I talk to here?’

Departed for Hollywood

Will Morton Heizmann still do it with Emmy, or will he later try his luck with auditions in Hollywood? Anyway, we hope Michael Hughesman and Morton Heijmans are the next Dutch star actor we will meet in American movies and series. Marwan pleaded.

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