June 17, 2024

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Moscow threatens to block YouTube |  Abroad

Moscow threatens to block YouTube | Abroad

Russia’s communications monitoring agency Roskomnadzor threatened to shut down YouTube on Wednesday. Only if Internet giant Google’s video company agrees to lift the suspension of the German channels of Russia’s state channel RT, YouTube can remain active in Russia.

YouTube’s refusal to remove the comment constitutes a violation of Russian law, according to Roskomnadzor, and “such actions can be considered a violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms and are therefore subject to an official warning.” The Russian government is appalled by the suspension of the Moscow-affiliated German-language YouTube channels RT DE and Der Fehlende Part.

Both channels were suspended on Tuesday for violating internal rules by spreading “false news” about the coronavirus and wanting to circumvent the download suspension.

“information aggression”

Moscow sees the video site’s decision as an “unprecedented act of media aggression by YouTube,” according to a press release issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry. It is “obvious” to the Russians that the German authorities “encouraged, even urged” this decision. The Russians, who see in the comment only a “media war,” continues that “the purpose of this aggression against the projects of the Russian holding company is self-evident: to silence sources of information that do not share a comfortable media framework.” against Russia.

The Russians continued that “symmetrical reprisals against the German media in Russia seemed not only appropriate, but also necessary.”

RT also has programs in English, French and Spanish, and is a propaganda channel for Russians, including in the rest of the world.

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