February 27, 2024

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Mouse in the house?  Pests-Randstad knows what to do

Mouse in the house? Pests-Randstad knows what to do

Mice in the house are undesirable. Besides the fact that a mouse can cause serious damage, it also brings other things with it. In this blog series, Ongedierte-Randstad brings you information about different types of pests. They teach you how to recognize different types of pests and what you can do about them.

The size of a house mouse ranges from about 75 mm to 100 mm. “Genetically, five species of mice can be found in the Netherlands. The most common is the Western House Mouse,” says Jep van den Bogaert (Pests-Randstad). These rodents are known as culture followers because they follow humans and can therefore be found wherever It was humans.

Smell and touch

Mice see almost nothing and rely mainly on smell and touch. They follow the trail of their scent with their good noses. They create a scent trail by spraying their urine everywhere. You can also smell them in the places they come often. They feed on a varied diet. Preference is given to insects, seeds and worms, but also to human foods such as potato chips, chocolate, rice or sugar. For lack of anything better, they feed on glue, soap, candles and much more.

Pests arise quickly

Mice prefer dark, warm environments and breed year-round. The female's gestation period is three weeks and she can give birth to four to nine young per litter, which are adults and sexually mature after two months. This cycle repeats about ten times a year, which can quickly lead to rat infestation.

Mice can cause serious damage to all your important and expensive appliances, which can also cause a short circuit and fire. In addition, mice can carry diseases such as salmonella, Weil's disease, and Hantavirus. This can not only make people sick, but also pets such as dogs or cats.

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Do you think you are bothered by mice? Then take here Contact Vergedierte-Randstad so they can help you. This way you can live in a clean house without mice again.