May 28, 2024

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Music producer Lars Cohorn aims to win Belgium’s biggest music award

Music producer Lars Cohorn aims to win Belgium’s biggest music award

winchotin – Recordings will be taken from the beach in Blankenberge (Belgium) next Tuesday for the VRT Zomerhit 2023 TV broadcast. This recording will be broadcast on VRT 1 and VRT Max on Saturday, July 29th and can also be featured by music producer Winschoter Lars Koehoorn (25) Heard and Seen.

This is with a song written by Lars over a year ago and released as a singer with DJ Licious from Belgium.

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This song titled Ibiza Sky is doing very well in Belgium and has already gone from No. 32 to No. 12 on the Airplay Hit Chart. Ibiza Sky is also starting to work well in the Netherlands. They were recently allowed to play this song on Q-Music. Anyone who wants to support Lars in this Belgian music competition can do so to vote for him via this link:

“From the beach in Blankenberge, we will be fighting live in telecast on VRT 1 against Niels Destadsbader, Kenny B, Metejoor, Pommelien Thijs, Regi and Maksim, among others. Tough competition, so every vote is welcome and is possible every week this month!” said Lars Available every week from Saturday, July 15th at VRT 1 & transcode max!

At 25 years old, Lars is already well established on the music scene. He works from his home in Winschoten and from the largest music studio in the Netherlands, Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum. He writes and produces songs for Waylon, Nick & Simon, Miss Montreal, and more. Samantha Stenwick and many others.

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Soon he will leave for Paris for a short time to work in the “writing camp”. All the exciting things that came his way now, because he was working completely independently as a freelance journalist. He recently quit his cool job at Albert Heijn in Winschoten to have more freedom in his ‘music’ world.