June 24, 2024

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NASA hopes to get support from commercial companies: "Unfortunately, we are in a 'space race' with China" |  Science

NASA hopes to get support from commercial companies: “Unfortunately, we are in a ‘space race’ with China” | Science

Built in 2011, the International Space Station could be decommissioned in 2024. However, Nelson hopes the project will continue until at least 2030. The US Congress has not yet formally approved such an extension.

According to NASA CEO Bill Nelson, the support of commercial parties is essential, as China has already begun building its own space station. “Unfortunately, I think we’re in a space race with China,” Nelson said. “I speak on behalf of the United States when I say I would like China to be a partner. But China is very secretive, and part of a special space program is that you have to be transparent.”

Although the political contradictions are quite significant, Nelson points to Russia as an example of good cooperation. Reports are circulating that Russia may end its participation in the project, but Nelson does not think so. It seems that “despite what you’re reading, I think the cooperation with the Russians that has been there since 1975 will continue.” Just last month, a new Russian unit called Nauka was docked at the station.

Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX founder Tesla Elon Musk, and Blue Origin founder Amazon Jeff Bezos are the most well-known space-focused businesses.

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