May 26, 2024

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Neil Young calls for concert bans due to pandemic: 'They keep going just for the money' |  Famous

Neil Young calls for concert bans due to pandemic: ‘They keep going just for the money’ | Famous

FamousNeil Young believes that it is not possible in the current situation to hold concerts. The Canadian singer (75) is calling on his website to ban him again for the time being.

According to Young, concerts and festivals are places where the coronavirus can spread well. So he thinks the party organizers should empty the agendas again. “They have the ability to stop shows where thousands gather and disperse,” the singer said. “They just keep going because of the money. The money causing the spread. The big regulators are responsible for these super distributors.”

It’s not clear which coronavirus numbers Young is referring to, but he thinks it’s especially important to be completely safe first. “I know the tours had to stop and everyone should self-isolate in motels because one of them tested positive. I wonder, why are they there?”

In the United States, among other countries, performances are now again held without restrictions. The first major American festival to be held again was Lollapalooza last month. The event turned out to be not a “super-spread event”. Of the 385,000 people, only 203 have subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.

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