June 24, 2024

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New Corona measures in the Netherlands: a meter and a half away and strict domestic work advice |  Abroad

New Corona measures in the Netherlands: a meter and a half away and strict domestic work advice | Abroad

In the Netherlands, the government announced new restrictive measures, Tuesday, to contain the Corona pandemic.

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The rule of thumb will again be a meter and a half and the advice for working at home will be tightened. The motto now: Work from home at least half the time. Public radio NOS reported that the outgoing government is also advising to stay at home as much as possible and use public transportation as little as possible.

Locations that require a Corona entry ticket will be expanded. The corridor will also be applied to the outdoor terraces in the catering industry. The card also applies to transportation sites, for example in museums and gyms.

In addition, mouth masks are mandatory in places accessible to the public, such as government buildings and stores. Higher education falls under this, but mouth masks must also be worn at stations and on platforms. In places where a Corona ticket is mandatory, it is not required.

The government will proceed to change the law that will allow employers to request a Corona entry ticket from their employees and employees will have to show it. The employer may now ask, but the employee doesn’t have to answer.

The government cites the catering and healthcare industry as an example. In healthcare, the government also wants to be able to offer visitors the Corona Corridor. But the government also wants to make amending the law possible for employers in other sectors.

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Even people under the age of 60 can finally get a booster dose. The government also accepts the advice of the Health Board that people over the age of 60 and people living in a care institution can receive an additional dose of corona in the coming months. The Health Board says the vaccines work well, but there are also indications that the effectiveness of vaccines drops slightly in older adults.

In December, the booster vaccination will begin for all people aged 80 or over who can come to the Municipal Health Services site. A booster payment will also be offered to all adult residents over the age of 18 who live in a nursing home with their own medical services.

From January onwards, people between the ages of 60 and 80 are vaccinated, with the oldest being the first to receive an invitation. Next month, a booster payment will also be provided to healthcare staff who have direct patient contact.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte threatened new measures on 12 November if the tide did not turn.