April 21, 2024

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New device reduces RLS complaints

New device reduces RLS complaints

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A new device — called Relegs — reduces complaints of restless legs syndrome in 70 percent of patients. The device was developed by Casper van Waveren Hogervorst, a doctor who suffers from restless legs himself.

Restless legs syndrome is relatively unknown to clinicians: the diagnosis is often made late, and medications don’t work in many cases. While one in twenty people suffer from: annoying tingling, tickling and/or burning in the legs.

Symptoms appear especially at rest. In bed, but also when sitting for a long time. To get rid of the feeling of anxiety, people have to move their legs.


Van Waveren developed Relegs in collaboration with aerospace engineer Erik van der Heide. The device works according to the basic principle of counterstimulation, the process by which harmless electrical stimuli stimulate nerves. The device consists of an electrocatalyst, an electrolytic device and a charger. It is operated by clicking on it and can be worn under clothing.

Van Waveren: “It works great for me. I no longer have to get out of bed at night if I have restless legs. Now I go to the movies with my kids without worrying about whether I’ll leave the theater halfway through the movie and have to leave. It’s It’s great that I can now also help others with their complaints through Relegs.”

“We have now helped 233 people. This has resulted in a significant reduction in their complaints for 70 percent of people who have used the device.”