April 21, 2024

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New mobile Internet provider XIPO CONNECT is developing data SIM cards

New mobile Internet provider XIPO CONNECT is developing data SIM cards

As a mobile internet service provider, the recently created Dutch company XIPO CONNECT is focused on providing data solutions only. The company mainly focuses on data SIM cards: cards that have been developed entirely for Internet use.

Development of data SIM cards

Gone are the times when the internet was used on a limited scale and people are still communicating through phone calls and text messages from time immemorial. Today almost every person has an online connection. This applies not only to humans, but also to machines. Devices are “online” to communicate with each other, store data, and display information accordingly.

In fact, some devices use the Internet exclusively for communication. They are also referred to as M2M devices. The use of these devices continues to grow. For example, in the third quarter of 2022, the number of M2M connections increased by 500,000 to 14.5 million.

So it’s clear that the focus shifts to as much data as possible, and calling via SMS, for example, seems really old-fashioned. The result is the development of data-only SIM cards, which enable communication with (and between) devices.

Data-only SIM cards from XIPO CONNECT

With 15 years of experience in the telecom world, the XIPO CONNECT team knows SIM (prepaid) cards like no other. By managing several communication sites both in the Netherlands and Belgium, the company was able to collect the necessary information. In her own words (XIPO CONNECT): “We have been running the two largest SIM card webstores in the Netherlands for almost 15 years. Over the years we have worked with partners and service providers. During this period, we have learned a lot about the entire telecom market and gained relevant experience.

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Mobile Internet provider XIPO CONNECT invites development Data only sim cards A logical step given the information gathered, the experience gained, and the growing demand for (and use of) data-only devices and applications.

How does a data chip work?

A data SIM card works in many ways the same as a standard SIM card. You can put it in a device and use mobile data, which you can top up. Depending on your preference, you can choose to refill manually or automatically.

XIPO CONNECT cites the unique advantage of a data-only SIM card as prepaid packages are valid for much longer than packages from other providers: 1 year to unlimited (by upgrading at least once a year, old data can be carried over to the next period) . In addition, your service provider’s European data SIM is connected to two to three local mobile networks in most countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium. This ensures better and more stable coverage.

Data cards often use a prepaid connection, including XIPO CONNECT SIM cards. This is mainly due to the devices in which these SIM cards are placed. These are usually devices that use little or infrequent data, which makes prepaid cheaper. In such cases, cost control and flexibility are desirable, which a prepaid card offers.

It is also useful to know that a data SIM card is not suitable for calling and texting via a phone number, as these cards do not contain mobile phone numbers.

What devices only use the internet?

With your phone, you can choose to use the internet only. Only a data card may be used for this purpose. The smartphone also has the function of calling and texting using your mobile phone number. This makes standard SIM cards popular among phones.

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However, today there are many devices that work exclusively via the Internet. This is a long list: from tablets, laptops, 4G smartwatches, and cars to alarm systems, solar panels, security cameras, and mobile payment terminals. One of the most common combinations is a file MiFi router with SIM cardensuring that multiple devices can be connected simultaneously via the 4G Internet.

The above can also be divided into private and commercial use. You can put a SIM card in your tablet, for example on the road or on vacation, but you can also use it for an alarm system or security camera (which usually refers to work use).

In all “internet only” situations, a data SIM is a suitable option. With the increase in internet usage, data-only (prepaid) demand is expected to continue to rise.