June 13, 2024

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New Samsung monitors offer great HDR gaming with HDR10+ support - Samsung Newsroom Netherlands

New Samsung monitors offer great HDR gaming with HDR10+ support – Samsung Newsroom Netherlands

HDR10+ heralds a new era of gaming

Samsung today announced that select 4K and 8K TVs from its 2022 lineup and gaming monitors will support HDR10+. With the new standard in gaming, you can enjoy an extremely responsive and immersive gaming experience. Several gaming titles will debut at CES 2022 in 4K and 8K resolutions, powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

“It’s great to bring the new standard in gaming with HDR10+,” Says Tonnie van Schijndel, Marketing Director, TV & Audio at Samsung Benelux. The standard will be available on the Neo QLED range from 2022, the Q70 series and of course also on new gaming monitors. All you have to do as a player is lose yourself in the rich, vibrant visuals and the most amazing visuals.”

Advanced HDR technology shows exactly what game developers mean

Developed by HDR10 + Technologies LLC, the new standard gives game developers the tools they need to provide gamers with an immersive and stable HDR gaming experience. This is without having to manually calibrate for different monitors. It also doesn’t matter if you’re playing on a console, PC, or other device.

The 2022 Samsung TV and gaming monitor lineup supports HDR10+. Auto HDR calibration gives you the image quality that the game developer had in mind when you came up with the images. With this, the player has the most responsive and accurate gaming experience to date.

Until recently, this was only possible for movie and TV content, but manual settings are no longer necessary when loading games. The game engine automatically optimizes the content in real time. No matter how dark the shade or the sunny sunny beach, you can see the smallest details, so that you as a player can respond instantly to all situations. Since you are also configuring your screen to “true reference mode” you experience improved colors and no longer have to spend time on game settings.

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Several gaming companies, including Saber Interactive, will be showing their HDR10+ titles at CES 2022.

“We are excited to usher in a new era of gaming picture quality,” Says Todd Hollinshed, Head of Publishing at Saber Interactive. “With HDR10+, gamers of all ages enjoy groundbreaking visuals and the best possible gaming experience. The HDR10+ standard raises the bar even higher. We are proud to be at the forefront of bringing the new standard to market with Redout 2, the fastest 8K anti-gravity racer ever, and Pinball FX, the ultimate digital pinball game.”

Game Mechanic Studios will show the new HDR10+ title “Happy Trails and the Kidnapped Princess” at CES 2022.

HDR10+ conquers the world

HDR10+’s superior image quality is achieved by optimizing brightness and contrast scene-by-frame or frame-by-frame, resulting in extremely accurate color reproduction.

HDR10+ was introduced four years ago and the entire industry has embraced it. There are 128 partners worldwide and more than 4,000 devices support the standard, including TVs, projectors, smartphones and tablets from more than 28 manufacturers. For content creators, it’s good to know that HDR10+ metadata also has a flexible reference tone and mapping curve definition. This way you can show your audience exactly the images you’re thinking of.

With the drivers released in 2022, HDR10+ will be supported by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series, RTX 20 Series, and GTX 16 Series GPUs.

“Whether you’re playing on a monitor or TV, with support for the new HDR10+ standard, NVIDIA GeForce gamers can enjoy an unprecedentedly clear, vivid, and stable HDR gaming experience,” said Vijay Sharma, Director of Product Management at NVIDIA.

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